Crown Dental Dublin Wisdom Tooth Removal


Are you suffering from Tooth pain Do you think your Wisdom Teeth may be impacted or causing you discomfort? Come see us today at Crown Dental Dublin, Dublin 6 While every effort should be made to preserve the natural tooth, it can prove to be more beneficial to remove it completely, Wisdom Teeth can impact nearby teeth causing pain and inflammation, and need to be removed. At Crown Dental Dublin, we provide a calm safe environment for wisdom tooth removal. This can help to prevent problematic and repeated infections, and of course help to eliminate pain that patients may have been feeling from that damaged or decayed tooth. Another advantage is that removing damaged teeth can help to avoid the spread of decay and infection. Infection from the tooth could spread and enter into the blood stream. It can lead to the potential for sepsis, and also irreversible heart damage. Once a tooth has been extracted, unless it has been extracted to make additional room in the mouth, it will need to be replaced. Gaps between teeth can lead to shifting of the other teeth and can also lead to bone loss in the jaw. Working with your dentist, you can work towards a solution to replace the extracted teeth so that it need not prove to be a disadvantage to remove damaged teeth. Crown Dental Dublin Address: 196 Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6W Phone: 014904656 email: [email protected] website link: Map link:

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