Deep Recession Dead Ahead As Central Bankers Empty the Punch Bowl. .com/watch?v=uq0QTrcEEeY

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20 thoughts on “Deep Recession Dead Ahead As Central Bankers Empty the Punch Bowl.”

  1. What your charts aren’t telling you is the free ride for the US and “collective west” is over. Worthless IOUs and economic theories are being trumped by people engaging in real economic growth and activities that produce wealth. Time to throw out the coupon clippers and move from a rentier elite running the circus of bullshit jobs to a real economy.

  2. During the wintertime in the northern hemisphere, one thing is certain: the death toll will increase. This happens every year and always has done. China is located in the northern hemisphere. Northern China is colder than southern China. The FT could well have said exactly the same thing about UK. I repeat, the cold weather of winter results in higher mortality rates compared to summer and to quote Mr Oliver Hardy – ‘t’was ever thus . Who do these journalists think they are talking to? , Great show I tune in every week , from Yorkshire UK.

  3. My ESG score is minus thousands and I don’t care . CO2 comprises 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere and of that, all human activity including power stations and all internal combustion engines, represents 3%. No need to be afraid, this world has been around for a long time and will be still ok when we are dead and dust. Live not by lies.

  4. Mario, Amazon holds a cloud computing contract with the CIA. In terms of the Amazon angle, that would allow the CIA to track everything you purchase. That should make people think about what type of information the CIA would then be able to gather on their children and grandchildren. Would any sane parent want the CIA knowing what size clothing their children take?

  5. Trump pushed the cures Mario! Hydroxycloroquine & ivermectin but the media demonized him…he pushed the V but didnt force it on no one. He did it or the liberal Marxist’s would have pushed masks & lockdowns for 10 years… with all you know I’m super surprised you don’t know the reality on trump… you aren’t watching CNN suddenly are you? P.S ask Lynette about Libor… she’ll tell you all about it

  6. On Federal Supreme Court of US court case Pro se Brunson vs Alma could unseat 388 Congress and Biden administration. Supreme Court helping and requested the case be brought before them. Went through all lower courts and is scheduled for January 6 2023. Pro Se is Citizen not an Attorney in front of SCOTUS unheard of.

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