Deluxe Samurai Star Lightning Megazord Toy Review (Power Rangers Ninja Storm Season 11) Hurricane

Ninja Storm, the perfectly designed series, introduced a 6th Ranger zord with a fairly basic transformation. But don’t sell it short, because it facilitates 4 megazord combination modes. And what’s bigger than a ThunderStorm? A Hurricane…. — ⏩ Teleport along the timeline: 0:00 Intro 0:44 Toy History 2:31 The Design 4:36 Differences from the original 8:33 What’s good and bad about it? — ⚡Patreon In my newest video, I give my 5 biggest predictions ahead of the premiere of Cosmic Fury – Season 30. With thanks to this month’s Patreon supporters: Adam Stanley Anderson Bonon Dan Blight Jeremiah Putt Jerold Blankenship Kenn Glenn Mike Modest Pdtheowl Runethe1412 RynPrime SuperMetro Tyler Bozetski Join the Viewing Globe Tier: — 🛒 Where to buy it It’s the aftermarket for you! Whether you go for the Bandai USA’s Power Rangers 2003 Samurai Star Lightning Megazord or Bandai Japan’s Super Sentai 2002 Tenkuujin from Hurricaneger, you will need an online reselling site of some description like eBay, Yahoo, or Mandarake. — 📷 Credits and copyright Most of the toy images used within this video are my own and can be found at: — 🎵 Music Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed) Artist: Infraction | Track: Sport racing metal #ninjastorm #powerrangers #toys

21 thoughts on “Deluxe Samurai Star Lightning Megazord Toy Review (Power Rangers Ninja Storm Season 11) Hurricane”

  1. I don’t know why you keep complimenting the combinations they’re all both impractical as toys and lazy uninspired designs.

    I loathe any combination that is simply attaching a whole robot to another in place of it’s limb, or haphazardly across the shoulders, hanging there precariously. More so even when a robot is simply slapped onto the front, making the thing as deep as it is wide.

    1. Creating combining robots that stay within a budget the larger company allocates is a lot harder than you’d think. In no aspect for the longest time would Power Rangers be allocated a lot of budget. So in turn a lot of the toys would suffer from that. Besides, most of the combinations were fairly interesting up to this point for this series. The Samurai is more like a nice upgrade to what’s the main centerpiece, being the Lightning Storm Megazord and the three separate Megazords that make up that big final combination as well as some having alternate forms too. Plus the arm and over-the-shoulder modes in this case are more like bonuses in how you can combine them, as the primary one is turning it into a new torso and weapon for the full combo.
      Also if you think this is “lazy” you should see the Generation 1 or Combiner Wars Combiner figures from Transformers.

  2. Did you know the are hidden clip connectors in the crimson insectizord? Those are there for better stabilize the connection for the lion and crimson insectizord for both thunder storm and hurricane megazord combinations. They’re located in the crimson insectizord head, that you need to flip out.

  3. I never paid much attention to this line as by the time this series came out I had already “grown out of it” but after watching this video I realize how good this series of zords are. They all look fantastic and that final combination looks so good and it’s so well done. Doesn’t look like a bunch of things stuff together but like an actually well thought out design. Would love to get some of these.

    1. Very well said! I think that’s what I love about them, ~with the exception of the dolphin~ it’s all so thoughtfully designed to hit an end goal. It’s a genuinely impressive build up where the final megazord is such a surprise compared to the start point.

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