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The debut album Flash is out now, featuring the singles “Flashed,” “Bad Timing,” and “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools.” Amazon: • iTunes: /// Written by Denitza Todorova Produced by Jonas Verwijnen / Kaiku Studios Berlin Video directed by Bontchev & Burchardi aka miniartist ( & Denitza Todorova Camera: Plamen Bontchev / Zoe Kahlert Edit: Bontchev & Burchardi Production: Zoe Kahlert ( Crystal pimp suit by Helena Grierson ( Very special guest: Erlend Øye

29 thoughts on “DENA – Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools”

  1. I haven’t seen this video for 8 years… I was just chilling and suddenly remembered that this song existed. Ahh good old days… Now i’m stuck in quarantine so hi from 2020. Most recent comment i see now is from 2 years ago so i guess i’m the only and the last one here…

  2. This song makes me feel nostalgic. I first heard it when I had just turned 21, things have changed so much since then. Many unexpected things, different expectations. Dena´s free attitude matched many of the things I looked out for then. The video has a sense of eclecticism and individuality, but also of sharing with others, Also, isn’t it a banger?

  3. To the person who commented below; I’m here too! I absolutely love this song and Dena. And all the remixes. Good times indeed. I was saying to a friend while here in nyc “all I wanna do is chill w our friends by the swimming pool!” And then I remembered this gem as well…..

    DENA… you’re still alive!

    These time are just re-emerging post-pandemic!

    Xox hang in there, everyone!

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