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Learn all about tooth whitening trays provided by your dentist. What they should look like, how you use them and much more. An explanation from cosmetic dentist Dr Chhaya Chauhan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE NOTE: VIDEO CONTENT IS INTENDED FOR A UK AUDIENCE. INFORMATION MAY STILL APPLY FOR RESIDENTS OF OTHER COUNTRIES BUT LOCAL & REGIONAL DIFFERENCES DO APPLY. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH A DENTAL PROFESSIONAL BEFORE WHITENING YOUR TEETH. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teeth whitening is a complicated and often misunderstood subject within dental health. With the help of our very own in-house cosmetic dentist, Dr Chhaya Chauhan, we have compiled the most comprehensive guide to teeth whitening you will find on the internet. We answer all your questions and let you know what is the best and safest way to whiten your teeth. Check out our written post on professional teeth whitening and how much it costs: Take a look at all the videos we have on teeth whitening:

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42 thoughts on “Dentist made teeth whitening trays explained”

    1. No. Whilst you could have trays and whiten your teeth before the braces, you are much better to wait until your orthodontic treatment is complete. Because during that treatment your teeth will move and may expose different parts of the tooth which were not successfully whitened first time. Whitening after braces will ensure a consistent and best result. Plus your trays should then be suitable for many years.

    1. It depends on your location and the rules around the strips available from the drugstore. In the UK for example the % of whitening agent in the normal whitening strips is incredibly low compared to the gel/trays available form the dentist.

      In the USA for example, it is quite different, the strips are stronger and more like the gel for the trays from the dentist.

      The stronger the whitening agent, the quicker and whiter they will become. Although everyone’s teeth have a limit to how white they will actually turn.

  1. My upper teeth near gum part still yellowish colur, where as teeth clour from middle to down got white colur. I mean teeths top part ( near gum)is still yellow colur. I tried to put the gel directly on tooths upper side too and placed the tray, but still no use. Can uou pls help ?!!. But this problem not happend with under jaw teeth. Issue is only with upper jaw front side teeth. Also wanted to ask, can i drink water or any juice etc while tray is in mouth?!. Because my doctor told me to use this tray all over at night, so ehen i woke up with thristy ,can i drink water?!, the gel will not go inside body with water ?!!

    1. I can’t comment on why your tooth is still yellow in places. It is likely you need to continue the whitening for longer to achieve the result you want.
      You should avoid drinking when using the trays as this just washes away the whitening gel and dilutes the effectiveness.
      If you wear at night, take out first thing and then have a drink. 👍

  2. When getting a customised teeth whitening tray, will having some teeth missing have an impact on the effect of the whitening process? Specifically with how the mould will look?

    And lastly, is there a difference between buying a customised teeth whitening tray online instead of getting one from a local dentist?

    1. It will likely look similar to the one in the video Kieran. Where the teeth are missing the tray will fit close to the gum, with no real gap so you apply the gel only in the places where the teeth are. Missing teeth won’t affect the whitening process.
      The main difference with getting one from a dentist is you can be assured of the quality and fit. You can’t get the whitening gel online (in the UK at least) you have to go to the dentist.

  3. Don’t do it!
    I did it for 10 days just like my dentist said and it didn’t work, I also took really good care of my teeth, I didn’t eat anything with color, didn’t drink coffee didn’t drink alcohol and didn’t smoke.
    I even rensed my teeth with water everytime that I ate just to make sure
    It’s an scam, don’t waste your money

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