Did I make a MISTAKE buying these gold coins?

In this video I talk about buying gold coins and a mistake I made when I first started investing in physical gold. If you are wanting to buy physical gold then this is the video for you. The larger a piece of gold is the smaller the premium on that piece of gold is typically. This goes for gold coins such as gold krugerrands and gold eagles as well as gold bars. If you want to pay the lowest premium and get the most for your money they I advise buying gold in the 1 oz size.

When you buy a 1 oz gold coin the total cost will run you just over $2,000 today, but the premium you pay for the gold will be significantly lower compared to fractional gold. Below is my video on trading silver for gold: When to Trade Silver for Gold:
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24 thoughts on “Did I make a MISTAKE buying these gold coins?”

  1. I think you should have used the qty costs of the smaller coins/bars. So for Grams & 1/10 as it would have been much lower as you would get them at lower cost per oz prices.
    Yes still paying premium over 1oz prices but not as much of one. Also a bit more liquid in sales plus premium when sold.

  2. Disagree re quarters being a mistake. With available funds for ‘average Joe’ ever diminishing, your future market for selling the stack (or part of the stack) is far greater with quarters, assuming the gold price continues to increase over time. To say buy silver if you can’t afford an ounce of gold is also questionable. Just buy the quarters/sovereigns etc and trade up if/when you want to buy full ounces

    1. @DrSchor SCHOR premiums don’t concern me too heavily as I will recuperate those premiums when selling (provided I’ve bought sensibly). In this instance I was really referring to trading up from fractional gold to 1oz coins though. The silver comment was more to question the sense in buying silver if I can’t afford gold. If gold is/was my target then stick to the plan and just buy a smaller denomination (or save to buy larger amounts when ready)

  3. When you think back to buying those early 1/10oz. gold coins if you hadn’t bought those & gotten the gold ‘buying bug’ would you even be buying any gold now & would you even have a stack, no matter the size? I didn’t buy a Rolex for my first wristwatch but the inexpensive watches I purchased when I was younger made me a watch enthusiast/collector so that over time I worked up to purchasing that Rolex. Sure, I’ve sold a few & traded a few but I still have & enjoy my watch collection & it all started with that affordable Timex/Citizen/Bulova/Seiko.

  4. Bro, these prices are way too high. I bought today 10 june 2023 2g and 5g Metalor bars and I paid 125€ for the 2 gram and 305€ for the 5 gram bars and the cheapest 1 gram they had was a PAMP 1gr for 70€…I bought them from a jewelry store in Wien Mitte The Mall , Vienna.

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