DON’T Become a Web Designer in 2023?

A few days ago, my friend Peyton released a video saying “Don’t become a web designer” ( with a bunch of reasons why not to get into web design. And on this video, I actually want to debunk them and explain why I don’t think these are actually valid reasons.

Also, nI’ll share why I feel Web design is actually an awesome career path. Web Design Courses: 📽️ CHAPTERS 00:00 – Intro 00:17 – Why get into web design 01:13 – Super competitive → Growth in service providers but also need / 90-10 04:01 – Things change rapidly → staying up to date 05:33 – Underpaid → 50-70k (15k minimum) 07:02 – People don’t value design 09:11 – Talent doesn’t always win 10:37 – Ai 📱 Find us on SOCIAL MEDIA Flux Academy’s Instagram 👉 Ran’s Instagram 👉 Thanks for watching our video! #freelancewebdesigner #freelancedesigner #webdesign

20 thoughts on “DON’T Become a Web Designer in 2023?”

  1. Payton loves his click-baity titles, this and his often contradicting statements is why I stopped watching him.

    In contrast to you: Very solid arguments, especially that everything offering a good career is competitive. It’s up to you to be honest to yourself on the way. You might not have what it takes if you can’t get a leg up and choose a different path.

  2. Excuse me? The “old people” you’re referring to are not at all lazy and neglecting keeping up with the new tools and best practices. We are (at least I am) in fact a perpetual learner and as passionate about design and user experience as ever. Not only that, we have experience in areas that the young people don’t, which gives us a competitive edge. Here’ the great thing about being a designer – you can do it at any age as long as you’re physically and mentally healthy and it’s your sole job. My kids are raised, I’m in excellent health, and love my work.

  3. Myself Aravind Iam Indian.
    being indian Webdev Iam Surving with Html Css(Bs) Js(Jquery) and for backend with django.
    Iam now getting salary 35K inr.
    Now with the help of AI I transformed into UI dev with in three months (daily night 3hrs + weekend ) and In june there will be increment around 10K inr
    Approach AI +Ly

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