When gold shoots up in value in a brief time frame, I purchase this gold as a substitute. In this video I clarify why. Thanks for watching!

I stack silver and gold to hedge towards our debt-fueled, fiat currency-based financial system that I’m satisfied is in extreme hassle. Consider stacking silver and gold your self that can assist you construct and protect wealth. And thanks for watching Campbell’s Coins!

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21 thoughts on “DON’T BUY 1oz GOLD NOW; BUY THIS INSTEAD”

  1. Yeah I’m one of those people who can’t afford the 1oz gold eagles lol. I try to watch every new video you put out because I appreciate hearing your opinion on different topics. I agree with you about the gold eagles being the most popular here in the states. However there is one drawback. If by chance I take gold to another country I’ve heard that you may be taxed on it by that country unless it’s 24kt? Most of my small gold holdings are eagles but I do try to mix it up a little with some 24kt gold coins too like Maples, Brittanias and Philharmonics. Thankyou

  2. Love fractional gold.
    24k is my Favorite. I do have some Eagles but I love the Perth Mint Coins More. I find if you buy the right kind of coins and keep them Pristine. Ive always got “over” Spot when selling or trading up, from my LCS. Or at least that’s been my experience.

  3. When I first started buying Gold it was the one oz variety, but I’ve stacked a lot of fractional the last several years.
    I’ve been working on stacking cash to buy the 1 oz version if and when we get a decent pull back.
    However, I’m sure I’ll be Stacking The Frac along the way as well as Silver.

  4. I’ve been telling people if they must have gold and can’t buy a full ounce then to go fractional. It makes better sense to me, especially when prices move either way, to buy a smaller size because buying smaller sizes means less risk during volatile periods. And this year is going to be CRAZY-Volatile.

    Besides, any gold is better than no gold at all. If you can’t do full ounces because you’re on a budget, then don’t try for a full ounce and you won’t get discouraged.

  5. At current prices, I am buying silver.. The traditional gold:silver ratio was 1:16.. Now it’s about 1:80.. Relative to gold, silver is dirt cheap.. When the metals prices are not manipulated and the ratio returns to normal, your 80oz of silver will buy 5oz of gold..

  6. No, not sound advise. You’re advocating paying a 21% premium over spot to purchase a 1/10th oz Eagle vs only a 4% premium over spot for a 1 oz Buffalo. That is just ridiculous!


    Actually, I just looked up the prices at my favorite dealer and 1oz Gold Brittanias are only 2.5% over spot. Fractional makes no sense unless you want to overpay.

  7. Premis are higher on fracs right from the mint. The presented justification is that it costs the same to strike a 1/10 than an ounce. Kangaroos cost much less. 24k. Their nuggets using x-ray spectroscopy ranges gold purity of nuggets after burning off matrix if any ranges from 99.7 to 99%. By contrast, Cali nuggets range from 80%-88%. Alaskans and Yukon’s are in between. West Aussie nuggets can be found on the desert ground still. I have my nuugs analyzed with a spec with printouts by my LCD. The machines cost $11,000 – 19,000 and tell you all the other trace elements,. mostly silver but Kr, Pt. Fe, Pd, & Cr show up as well in very small amounts. You’re not going to get a discount if Matrix is still present. I started with O matrix placer (river) nuggets but. then liked the larger spiky odd shaped matrix burned with Nitric Acid ones. Each is unique and 20% over spot ask is standard. A one ounce nugget is more rare than a 5 ct. high quality unheated natural good color ruby. Rubies are far more rare than diamonds as are gem quality emeralds and Lightning ridge black opals which are my first ♥️. 🐥

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