Don’t buy Silver & Gold Bullion – This is a much better strategy for STACKING

Silver and Gold stacking .999 pure bullion may not be the best idea for stackers right now. With the price of precious metals dropping you should consider this strategy #silverprice #preciousmetals #junksilver On this channel we talk about silver stacking, silver price, gold stacking and gold price. We talk about silver bullion and gold bullion. DISCLAIMERS/TERMS/RULES: I am not a professional financial adviser or consultant, the content is my opinion or the opinions of customers in my store.. This video is for entertainment only. Please consult your investment and tax experts for financial advice. Do your own research! Silver stacking, silver bars, Gold Stacking, Silver bullion, Gold Bullion, Coin store, Coins, Silver price, Gold Price, Coin Shop

27 thoughts on “Don’t buy Silver & Gold Bullion – This is a much better strategy for STACKING”

  1. I think you give pretty solid advice. Over the long term (15 to 20 years), constitutional silver should get pretty hard to find. They are not making any more of it and a lot of it did get melted. Silver will up in price especially with all the industrial demand for it. A lot of the electronics with silver in them go into the landfills to never be recovered. I read that one Tomahawk missile had over 500 ounces (15 kg) of silver in them. Imagine how many ounces of silver have been in the missiles fired off for the Russia / Ukraine war and now the Isreal /Humas war. In the years to come, the demand for silver will far outpace the supply resulting in the price of silver to increase. Silver is going into a lot of items with this “green initiative”. At this time, silver is more for insurance than an investment. That may all change in the years to come. All just my opinion though. Thanks for the video. Well done!

  2. Why do people consistently seek the advice of PM dealers about buying PMs and take everything they say as gospel ? Educate yourself FIRST, to the point that you understand that no particular opinion is any better than any other opinion. PM dealers will consistently recommend whatever provides them with a greater profit margin, that is just what they do. It’s whatever is to their greatest benefit, not necessarily to yours. Recommend 90% on the sell side because of its “versatility”, and then discount it when (if) they buy it back because “it’s not pure and we will have to send it to the refiner”. It’s all part of the profit game.

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