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Description: In this video, we will discuss why it’s important not to put toys in the potty. Many children enjoy playing with toys while using the bathroom, but it’s essential to understand that flushing toys down the toilet can cause significant plumbing problems. We will explain how flushing toys can lead to clogs and blockages in the pipes, which can result in expensive repairs. Additionally, we will provide helpful tips on how to prevent children from putting toys in the potty, including educating them on the importance of not flushing toys and providing alternative toys or distractions. By the end of this video, you will have a better understanding of why it’s crucial to keep toys out of the potty and how to prevent any potential plumbing problems. So, let’s get started and learn why we should never put toys in the potty! ❤️ Subscribe to our ❤️channel Timing: 0:00 Dont put toys in the Potty 2:43 I Got Goosebumps 4:45 Baa Baa Black Sheep 6:12 Danger Song 8:18 Copy 10:23 My Daddy Super Hero ✨ Lyrics ✨: Where my boat is gonna sail ? Here ? No ! Here ? No ! Here ? — no!!! My boat is sailing away! – Don’t! The waves are high and great ! Oh, no! Let’s make a perfect storm ! Noooooo! Shkk-shkk Oh! My boat ! Shkk-shkk oh-oh-oh Shkk-shkk wow! hurray! Never put toys in the potty I need to wash my doll Here ? No ! Here ? No ! Here ? — no!!! It’s time to take a bath! – Don’t! Let’s use some fragrant soap! – Oh, no! And now I’ll wash it off! Noooooo! Shkk-shkk Oh! My doll ! Shkk-shkk oh-oh-oh Shkk-shkk wow! hurray! Never put toys in the potty Where do I get some water Here ? No ! Here ? No ! Here ? — no!!! At last I found some water – Don’t! It’s easy to fill my cup – Oh, no! And now I’m gonna drink Shkk-shkk my daddy Shkk-shkk oh-oh-oh It is bad for you, and bad for your body Never drink water from the potty Enjoy watching Dominoki Kids Songs Nursery Rhymes Dominoki Kids Songs Dominoki Songs #kidssongs #nurseryrhymes #dominoki #babysongs #childrensongs #kidsvideo #dancekidssongs #cartoon #Don’tPutToysinThePotty #pottysong #igotgoosebumps #BaaBaaBlackSheep #blacksheep #DangerSong #MyDaddySuperHero About Dominoki: Dominoki – Children’s Music Channel. Our characters Mimi, Dodo, Bruno, Wiki will help to preschoolers learn numbers, letters, colors, animal sounds, dance and more. Our kids songs teach children, kindness, friendship, discipline, tell about the world around them. Let’s be friends : Facebook Instagram TikTok

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