Don’t Ruin Your Silver! Bullion Dealer Tips for Storing and Handling Silver

In this video I talk with a bullion dealer about how to safely store your silver. When it comes to properly and safely storing your silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins you need to make sure you handle your silver properly. The best place to store your silver bullion can be a heavy hidden safe. We also go over some of the worst places to store your silver and where you should avoid. We also talk about the proper tubes, capsules, and flips to use as well! Safely storing your silver should be a priority and we hope that these silver storing tips can be helpful. Remember that when you are silver stacking you need to properly handle the silver correctly. Where should you store your silver? Best place to store silver? We cover all of those in this video as well. We also talk about using cotton gloves when handling silver and why it is important to do so. Below is the website for Bullion Max: ✅ Bullion Max Website: ✅ Contact: [email protected] ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Instagram: ✅ Check Out Silver Dragons on Rumble: ✅ Silver Dragon’s Website: Topics I cover in this video: how to safely store silver, where to store silver, where to keep silver, silver stacking storage, silver coin safe, silver bar safe, silver safe, silver storing, properly storing silver, how to handle silver, how to store silver, storing silver, how to store silver properly, how to store my silver bullion, silver bullion coins, silver bullion bars, silver stacking, silver stacking tips, silver stacking mistakes, silver, silver coins, silver bars, how to store silver coins, how to store silver bars, how to handle silver coins #silver #silverstacking #silvercoins

22 thoughts on “Don’t Ruin Your Silver! Bullion Dealer Tips for Storing and Handling Silver”

  1. I agree with the advice on the Constitutional silver and the silver rounds, but I still keep my coins in the capsules. Best way to protect the face. Putting them in tubes only makes sense if you are hard core stacking. I have a fair bit, but nothing that would require a monster box filled with tubes. And since I still like to look at my coins without having to actually physically handle them, capsules work for me at this point.

  2. I’m fairly new to silver stacking, right now all I have is Constitutional/Junk Silver. so I know right now I don’t have to worry too much about storage, but, soon I will be going for rounds & coins. I have a food grade vacuum sealer that I use to store extra food for the long haul. What’s the general opinion on sealing the silver in vacuum bags? I’d like to get some feed back on this. Thanks!

  3. My cousin is a shoe exec and has a crazy shoe collection, especially ones that were never released so well he decided to store a bunch of them at his parent’s house in Florida, in the garage and oh boy that did not end well, the glue just delaminated and they were all ruined. A very expensive lesson.

  4. Good video, but IMO… IF you don’t want your rounds to tone or get damaged, I think it’s best to put them in capsules. Almost every time you touch them, you’re going to get oil on them or possibly scratch them. The more you touch them or move them around, the higher the risk of damage. I don’t capsulize my generic rounds, but I capsulize all my premium rounds or I put them in tubes. I’ve bought rounds and bars at auctions or traded with people and you’d be surprised how many rounds/coins I get that have been abused! Just my 2 cents.

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