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My visitor is Sara Gottfried, M.D., a Harvard- educated, board-certified gynecologist and also scientific aide teacher of integrative medication & dietary scientific researches atThomas Jefferson University Dr. Gottfried concentrates on hormonal agent wellness, vigor and also durability making use of precision/personalized techniques. We talk about women hormonal agent wellness, the age of puberty, perimenopause, and also menopause, hormonal agent screening, the microbiome, anxiety associated hormonal agent difficulties, their reasons, and also numerous therapies. We additionally talk about fertility, contraception and also devices for enhancing microbiome wellness, dealing with PCOS, insulin monitoring, and also the most effective nourishment, supplements, and also workout programs for ladies. While the episode concentrates mostly on women hormonal agents, men will certainly additionally take advantage of our conversation since it consists of workable devices recommended for taking care of anxiety, boosting the intestine microbiome, and also resistance– every one of which stand to enhance total wellness, vigor and also durability in men and also women. 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19 thoughts on “Dr. Sara Gottfried: How to Optimize Female Hormone Health for Vitality & Longevity|Huberman Lab”

  1. Thank you for this episode. I wish that hypothalamic amenorrhea would have been addressed in this episode, as it is often caused by what are believed to be “healthy” behaviors – fasting, calorie restriction, exercise. I appreciated the nuance in this episode and believe a discussion about HA belongs in every discussion about hormone health, as it’s more widespread than many think. Perhaps a topic for a future female hormone episode (sounds like there will be more) !

  2. Thank you so much for bringing Dr Gottfried to us, what a brilliant holistic approach she brings – and what a fascinating conversation you had! I wasn’t expecting to be thinking about women, constipation and patriarchal structures. I actually found the conversation very moving as well as informative, I do think the best interviewees on your podcast tend to be the ones who avoid giving firm answers to anything, I’m looking forward to your next conversation with Dr Gottfried, and will be reading all her books in the meantime.

    I wanted to also mention that because of you I’ve been doing non sleep deep rest yoga nidra every day for a month and it has been utterly life-changing. Thank you.

  3. Watching this to understand my wife’s system better. We have been learning about the relationship between her cycle and what foods would benefit her during different phases. I’m curious if that will come up here.. As always you provide the most value and raw information in any YouTube channel I watch. I’m about 25% into the video now and am committed to watching through the end ✌️

  4. Its nice to see more female guests, the female body is not as well studied or funded to do so, in science. Thank you. AS SOMEONE WHO HAS ACCIDENTLY BECOME HIGHLY INTUITIVE STUDYING AND WORKING FULL TIME DOING WHAT MANY WOULD CALL WOWO, ENDORSED BY A HIGHLY ACLAIMED PSYCHOLOGIST DR SHEFALI {QUESTION} ANDREW: Is there science to back up remote viewing, intuition and claravoyancy? AS SOMEONE WHO WANTED TO BECOME A BIOLOGIST, as a young adult and ended up doing this for a living, Im very curious.

  5. I am a 40 year old woman who had Turner Syndrome and needed hormones to help with normal female development and knew sense I was 12 years old I probably would not ever be able to have children normally. It is still not something I feel I can talk about openly in Ireland. I really really appreciate all the talks you do especially related to this topic . Thank you.

  6. Takeaways:
    Dr. Sarah Gottfried, is an obstetrician gynecologist and clinical professor of Integrative Medicine and nutritional Sciences at Thomas Jefferson University with experience in treating men and women in various aspects of Hormone Health and Longevity.

    Proper electrolyte levels and hydration are important for optimal bodily function, mood, and physical performance.

    Women can learn about their potential hormonal health challenges by understanding the experiences of their mothers and grandmothers, including age of puberty, pregnancy, and female conditions that may run in the family.

    Biomarkers: Best to benchmark in 20s or 30s when menstrual cycles are not regular. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone should be measured.

    Contraceptives: Copper IUDs are non-hormonal and have the highest satisfaction rate among all forms of contraception. Vasectomy is the preferred choice but IUDs are a great option, especially for younger women.

    Estrogen production in the body should be sent to receptors and lost, not recirculated, which can cause estrogen dominance. Elevated beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme produced by gut bacteria, is one of the drivers of estrogen dominance.

    Blood testing or other biomarker tests can be used to determine estrogen and testosterone levels, with dried urine tests providing the most comprehensive results. Women should test around day 21-22 of their menstrual cycle if in their 20s, but this may vary for women with irregular cycles or who are older. Nutritional testing, including blood and urine micronutrient tests, can also play a role in hormone production and reducing future health risks.

    A person who regularly drank a smoothie and made changes to their lifestyle, including regular exercise and hot tub use, saw improvements in their autoimmune disease and weight loss.
    The speaker takes Athletic Greens, a vitamin, mineral, and probiotic drink, to support gut health and foundational nutrition. They recommend looking for randomized trials to support the use of probiotics, but find the evidence for general use underwhelming.

    Nutritional testing focuses on measuring antioxidants, key vitamins (especially B vitamins), glutathione, and minerals (especially magnesium), with a focus on addressing deficiencies.
    The speaker prefers to use Genova NutrEval and SpectraCell for testing, with the former offering an at-home finger prick test and the latter being preferred by some experts for its precision.
    Constipation is more common in women and can signal a larger set of problems.

    Constipation can be used as a key indicator of dysfunction in the body’s network and may lead to discussions about diet, lifestyle, and other health issues.
    Bowel movements are generally more likely in the early part of the day after a good night’s sleep, unless the autonomic arousal is so great that people feel “locked up”.
    Constipation is defined as having a bowel movement less frequently than once every three days, but the speaker disagrees with this definition and believes that anything less than a daily bowel movement with a feeling of complete evacuation is constipation.

    Four breathing techniques were tested on subjects for improvements in mood, sleep, and heart rate: box breathing, cyclic sighs, cyclic hyperventilation, and Tumo/Wim Hof-style breathing.
    The cyclic sighs technique led to the greatest improvements in mood, sleep, and heart rate, with subjects not instructed to alter any other aspects of their behavior, although alcohol consumption was noted to disrupt sleep patterns. The next iteration of the study will include cortisol and urine markers, as well as bathroom habits, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the effects of stress on the body.

    Discusses the concept of patriarchy as power over and how it connects to systemic stress and other forms of systemic oppression such as racism and white privilege.
    Talks about the importance of understanding one’s health markers, such as blood work, hormones, and microbiome, and how this knowledge can help individuals make better health decisions and improve their well-being.

    Criteria for diagnosing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): clinical manifestations of hyperandrogenism (hirsutism, acne, irregular periods with cycle length less than 35 days)
    PCOS is not just a problem for reproductive age women, it is a risk factor for cardiometabolic disease over the entire female life cycle and is even more important to consider over the age of 50.
    Absolute levels of hormones are important, but ratios of testosterone to estrogen are more interesting.
    High levels of testosterone in women with PCOS may be due to hyper insulinemia and insulin insensitivity, which drives overproduction of testosterone in the ovaries.
    Patients should focus on getting enough sleep, reducing alcohol consumption, reducing perceived stress, eating healthy foods, avoiding toxic relationships and isolation, and exercising in a way that fits their body phenotype.

    Recommendations for exercise include a balance of cardio and resistance training, with a focus on cardiovascular health and circulation, and avoiding Nordic Tracks as a form of exercise.

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