Economic Survey 2023 Part 2: Social Infrastructure- Education, Health; Climate Change|CSE

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Economic Survey 2023 Part 2.
State of the Economy 2022-23: Recovery Complete
India’s Medium- term Growth Outlook: With Optimism as well as Hope
Fiscal Developments: Revenue Relish
Monetary Management as well as Financial Intermediation: A Good Year
Prices as well as Inflation: Successful Tight-Rope Walking
Social Infrastructure as well as Employment: Big Tent
Climate Change as well as Environment: Preparing to Face the Future
Agriculture & Food Management: From Food Security to Nutritional Security
Industry: Steady Recovery
Services: Source of Strength
External Sector: Watchful as well as Hopeful
Physical as well as Digital Infrastructure: Lifting Potential Growth
Social Infrastructure as well as Employment: Big Tent
Social Sector Expenditure Keeping Pace with Growing Importance of the Sector
Improving Human Development Parameters
Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme
Progressing Labour Reform Measures
Aadhaar: The Many Achievements of the Unique Identity
Improving Employment Trends
Ensuring Quality Education for all.
Equipping the Workforce with Employable Skills as well as Knowledge in Mission Mode
Quality as well as Affordable Health for all.
Social Protection for the Rainy Day
Development of India’s Aspiring Rural Economy
Direct Benefit Transfer: a Game Changer
Enhancing Rural Governance for Inclusive Growth
Aspirational Districts – The position is based upon the step-by-step progression made throughout 49 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) under 5 wide socio-economic motifs.
NCS site has actually been efficiently interlinked with e-Shram, Udyam as well as Skill India site (key information resource of ASEEM site). This has actually led to advancement of a work ecological community to promote work search as well as matching for both jobseekers as well as companies. So much, greater than 10 lakh prospects from e-Shram have actually signed up on NCS out of which, greater than 1.2 lakh prospects have actually been shortlisted by companies for tasks.
The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for Foundational Stage: NCF for Foundational Stage has actually been introduced as the brand-new 5 +3 +3 +4 curricular framework which incorporates very early youth treatment as well as education and learning for all kids old 3 to 8.
Pilot task forBalvatika
PM Shri Schools
Toy based rearing.
Strengthening Teaching-Learning as well as Results for States (CELEBRITIES): CELEBRITIES Project is being carried out as a CSS in 6 states particularly Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Odisha as well as Kerala over a duration of 5 years i.e., till FY25, partially moneyed by a car loan from the World Bank
Vidyanjali (A School Volunteer Initiative): With the goal of reinforcing colleges as well as enhancing the top quality of institution education and learning via neighborhood, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as economic sector participation throughout the nation, the Government has actually launched Vidyanjali (an institution volunteer monitoring program).
Guidelines for going after 2 scholastic programs concurrently.
Interest aid on education and learning finance.
Research & Development Cell (RDC) in Higher Education Institutions (HEI)

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