Ellie and Andrea Teaches Robots Good Behavior for Kids: Rude to Polite

Ellie and Andrea first turn on their robots, things don’t go as planned. Why? Because these robots have some serious attitude issues. They’re rude, they’re messy, and they definitely don’t say “please” or “thank you.” Oops! Andrea realizes she forgot to program good behavior into the robots! 😱 Instead of freaking out, our heroes decide to teach them manners the “fun way” with special learning cards. From dinner table manners to respecting personal boundaries and making healthy choices in the supermarket, Ellie and Andrea go all out to turn their cheeky robots into perfect little angels. 🍽️🛒👼 In the end, they succeed! Grandma and Grandpa end up with two very polite and well-behaved robots! Yay! 🎉 Lesson Learned Remember kids, good manners make life better for everyone! Saying “please” and “thank you,” respecting others, and making healthy choices are super important. Just like Ellie and Andrea taught their robots, you can learn and teach good manners too! 🌟 Subscribe for notifications to new videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgFXm4TI8htWmCyJ6cVPG_A?sub_confirmation=1 Check out our latest videos playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsHnS3mZglg&list=PL5gq3QGk5j3hRwpMNKQ9L5NyUt3FiTmSy

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