20 thoughts on “Engagement Ring – How it’s Made”

  1. Seen quite a few of your videos but this ring is hands down the most beautiful piece you have done on YT. Just incredible work, you have the touch for making large stones look elegant in rings and this is one of the best examples I have ever seen of that.

  2. My dream engagement/wedding ring would be of a polar bear head craved from walrus ivory as a nod to my Greenlandic inuit (Eskimo) hartage…unless i get one from Alaska i don’t expect to get one from Greenland because of the not being able to bring it to the US….maby someday me and my partner can get one Alaska…..

  3. When soldering the side pear underbezel to the centre underbezel there was one point where the side underbezel was no longer held in place whilst flowing the rest of the solder. How did you manage to do this without the side piece sliding off while the solder was still hot and malleable?
    It genuinely seemed gravity defying.
    Any answers would be greatly appreciated as I’m always looking to up my solder game 😅

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