Fake Silver Panda Coin: Counterfeit Chinese Silver Bullion

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=vgE-5FcdTmI

Fake Silver Panda Coin: Counterfeit Chinese Silver Bullion is a Stacking Stormtrooper video examining a fake silver panda coin. Counterfeit Chinese silver bullion is very prevalent, especially the panda coins. This fake silver coin was very obvious upon closer look. Can you spot the counterfeit silver coin? These morbidly obese bears are always up to no good! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤️ If you enjoyed this video,check out this Stacking Strategy video:

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41 thoughts on “Fake Silver Panda Coin: Counterfeit Chinese Silver Bullion”

  1. Many people have asked me where did I buy this coin, eBay or a local shop?

    ANSWER: A local shop. I have dealt with this local shop for a few years, now and the owner is a stand-up guy. He immediately told me to bring it back, but I told him not before I make a video. Every once in awhile, something like this happens where an item can slip by…it is very rare, but it does happen. This is why it is so important to develop relationships with your local coin shop(s) and community members.

  2. Stupid under wieght obese Bears! Stick with the ‘little fatties’…Kookaburra’s rock!
    P.s. I buy from Gold buyers, I know they are not going to pay for fakes & test everything that comes into the store…when I sold a few milkspotted maples, they still tested them regardless.
    I would not return to that seller Stormtrooper, ask for refund? And write a damning review, warning others so as not to get burnt by this crook👍😊✌
    P.s. maybe time to invest in a CCT slide, cheaper than a sigma or XRF, doesn’t require a power source….easy to take with you to coin shops🤔👍
    just read your pinned comment, glad you got that refund😊✌

    1. Hey, it’s all good. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and this is the first one that got by me. It basically happened because I didn’t even really look at the thing. I was in a hurry and just wanted to buy some pandas and other stuff for the stack and would look at it later on in the evening once my kids were in bed. That’s when I saw it.

  3. With silver being as little as it is why would someone take all the trouble to make fakes. Poss in years from now when ilver get’s it’s due that would make sense. if it was me I would concentrate on gold but I have never been a thief nor want to even think about that.

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