Financial Accounting


Accounting Resource Outline!Ap8mLpFX7uo9qXzwZ7cocs0n1NKo?e=Mf19Sd Playlists-Financial Accounting – Subtitles in playlist videos. Links in video clip Financial Accounting Overview:. 0:17Why Learn Accounting 19:58Accounting Objectives 29:22Accounting Equation 44:36Balance Sheet 1:01:58Income Statement 1:15:22 Statement ofEquity 1:26:11 Balance Sheet &Income Statement Relationship 1:49:58 Cash Method vsAccrual Method 2:06:17Ethics Profession 2:22:19Financial Transaction Rules 2:36:07Financial Transaction Thought Process 2:48:01Cash Transactions 3:04:24Accounts Receivable Transactions With Accounting Equation 3:14:50 Accounts Payable Transactions with Accounting Equation Debits as well asCredits Financial Transactions 3:40:12 Debits &Credits 3:56:01 Rules for Using Debits &Credits 4:14:28Transaction Thought Process

4:28:08Trial Balance 4:43:10 Cash Journal Entries with Debits as well asCredits 5:01:11 Accounts Receivable Transactions Using Debits as well asCredits 5:11:16 Accounts Payable Transactions Using Dr as well asCr 5:33:44 General Ledger Adjusting Entries:. 5:48:11 Accounting Cycle Steps inThe Accounting Proc 5:58:24 Types ofAdjusting Journal Entr 6:15:33Adjusting Journal Entry Rules 6:20:16 Why Use Worksheet inAdjusting Proc 6:31:29Adjusting Journal Entries Thought Process 6:42:42Adjusting Entries 6:47:54Adjusting Entries Unearned Revenue 6:52:40 Adjusting Entries Wages or pay-roll. 6:58:06 Adjusting Entry Accounts Receivable or earnings or earnings. 7:03:27Adjusting Entries Insurance 7:09:48Adjusting Entries Depreciation 7:14:58 Reversing Journal Entries–Accrued Revenue 7:24:12Balance Sheet Current Assets From Trial Balance 7:28:14 Balance Sheet Property Plant as well as Equipment fromTrial Balance 7:33:31Balance Sheet Liabilities 7:37:33Balance Sheet Equity Section 7:44:00Income Statement From Trial Balance 7:53:13 Statement ofEquity From Trial Balance 8:02:12Financial Statement Relationship Closing Process 8:08:29Accounting Cycle 8:18:31Closing Process Explained 8:25:51Post Closing Trial Balance 8:29:56One Step Closing Process 8:41:46Two Step Closing Process 8:52:40 Four Step Closing Process– Step one. 8:56:33 Four Step Closing Process–Step Two 9:02:21 Four Step Closing Process–Step Three 9:07:51 Four Step Closing Process–Step Four 9:15:17 Post Closing test Balance & Financial Statements Merchandising Transactions–Transactions With Inventory 9:21:39 Accounting Cycle forMerchandising Company 9:24:56Perpetual Inventory System 9:43:32Periodic Inventory System 10:06:02 Perpetual vs.Periodic Inventory Systems 10:22:52 Merchandising Transactions– Purchaser as well asSeller 10:28:45 Purchases ofInventory Journal Entry 10:34:01 Sale of Inventory Journal Entry–Perpetual Inventory Method 10:41:13Sales Discount Vs Purchases Discount 10:46:52Purchase Discount Journal Entry 10:53:27Sales Discount Journal Entry 11:00:45Inventory Shrinkage 11:09:51 Sales Returns as well asAllowances Transaction 11:25:51Income Statement Introduction 11:32:47 Financial Statements for a Merchandising Company More Info:. Financial Accounting # 2– Inventory Flow (FIFO, LIFO … ), Subsidiary Ledgers (AR AP), Cash & Bank Reconciliations, Allowance technique (AR), Depreciation Financial Accounting # 3– Payroll, company bookkeeping, collaborations Financial Accounting # 4 – Bonds, Notes Payable & Statement of Cash Flows


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