First Aid for a Child Choking


Do you know what to do if a child is choking? In this video by Linda Nylander-Housholder, APRN will demonstrate how to identify signs of choking and how to help a child who is choking (ages 1 year old to puberty). Performing first aid for choking and CPR can keep them alive until Emergency Medical Services (911) arrives. This Nicklaus Children’s Hospital video follows current CPR guidelines from the American Heart Association Captions available. #CPR

15 thoughts on “First Aid for a Child Choking”

  1. After pinching nose, ‘attempt to breathe’ means to blow in air in child’s mouth or to suck in air?
    Also if after compressions, any object is seen in the mouth, how to safely remove it?
    Are there more ways, like massaging the throat. Or when child is conscious, can drinking soft drink (soda carbonated water help)? Or putting finger in throat to throw up?

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