First Aid Training – Choking – Adult & Child


Comprehensive First Aid training available: DVD: | Online: Choking is a life-threatening situation and happens when the casualty’s airway suddenly gets blocked so they cannot breathe normally. Their airway can be partly or fully blocked. Usually, choking in small children is caused by a small foreign object whereas in adults it is most commonly food. If the blockage of the airway is mild, the casualty should be able to clear it by coughing. Any blockage of the airway should be taken very seriously as within a short time of the brain being starved of Oxygen, brain damage can occur. This video is for personal use only, strictly non-commercial. This video is available for commercial use with a license from us. Please see for more details, and please do contact us if you wish to use any of our videos in a commercial environment.

15 thoughts on “First Aid Training – Choking – Adult & Child”

  1. With @Nina Style’s comment “Don’t you mean we should then call 911…? (I’m confused).”

    Not everyone is from America.. plus their websites are from the UK.. 

    I’m glad they didn’t go directly to the heimlich maneuver and say that back blows are bad lol annoying when I see that since for manyyyy years now the UK, Australia and America and others all do back blows as a first means response and not the heimlich maneuver.

  2. I think everyone should know how to do this, I went to this video after someone in my family was choking. I remembered once that in a TV show I saw, they did this, so I tried to replicate what they did in order to get what I was looking for. After the incident, I went over online to see how it is done correctly in case it ever happens again.

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