FIRST LOOK: VW’s 2024 California Camper Van! | Top Gear

Did the best camper just get even better? This is the new California based on the current T7 Multivan. Admittedly it is still a ‘concept’, but if you base the functional stuff off what’s already available in the MPV Multivan, there’s are plenty of options. Engines are likely to be a 148bhp, 2.0-litre diesel that’s probably going to be the most popular choice, but also the option of 1.5 and 2.0-litre petrols and a 1.4-litre, 215bhp plug-in hybrid. The Multivan brings with it a bit more dynamic ability than the Caravelle it replaces, as well as more refinement, a whole host of more advanced driver assistance systems and other gadgets. Still recognisably a California, but based on the newer and more advanced platform, with all the good stuff baked in. There’s no pricing yet, and we’ve not driven it, but this looks like an absolute belter. Given the current pricing of this type of VW product, there’s likely to be a starting price of around £70k and rising from there. But that’s cheap for a house, right?

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20 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: VW’s 2024 California Camper Van! | Top Gear”

  1. Looks great, hate the platform its on though. Multivan T7 is a joke.

    We had to return our Multivan plug-in-hybrid as it was riddled with faults! 6 moths of ownership and it had to go back 4 times, software faults ever time you got in it, error messages on the dash making you wonder if you would make it to your destination and simple fundamental things like the seat folding mechanisms broke on 2 of the rear seats after a handful of uses!! 

    The whole thing was just poorly implemented and we felt like test subjects for a product that wasn’t ready in the first place while they “ironed out the issues” 3 months we waited for a software update and it still didn’t solve the error messages and faults!

  2. As an ex-native Californian this van almost reminds me of the VW vans my friends created back in the 60’s and 70’s…except the great craftsmanship of our local Latino community could teach VW how to do it for a percentage of the proposed BLOATED MSRP! Back then camping was for anyone, not just those with bottomless bank accounts…70k!!! Really???? And, that expensive van, really isn’t a house, it’s an albatross when something breaks! Good review though.

  3. Hahhh I owned a couple of VW campers Albeit 30 and 40 years ago .
    They were Really Shitty vehicles to own and drive.. being their long term overriding memory impressions.
    Yess they did provide a place to sleep without the nuisance of carrying Camping gear on your back.
    For that one paid the price of a Slooooow barely able to climb grade vehicle that was Frightening in cross Breezes and passing truck wakes.
    Later versions were Usuriously Overpriced.. a Foolish purchase… which effectively killed the things.
    Seemingly, VW (which is rapidly running out of Customers imo) is seemingly flailing about… looking into past sales types…for something to sell.

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