Full *VAN TOUR* @ Big Wave Campers – Brilliant Value Campervans!

Join us as we take a tour around a Big Wave Campervan and explain how they do things a little differently to many others. They might just be the great value campervan option you’ve been looking for! Keep a look out for our other new videos coming to the channel soon and a *BIG* thank you to all of our wonderful subscribers. Take care, sit back and grab yourself some Campervan Time !

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34 thoughts on “Full *VAN TOUR* @ Big Wave Campers – Brilliant Value Campervans!”

  1. I’ve got a similar double swivel front seat and you can’t really use it for storage, unless you are willing to remove all your stored belongings before you swivel the double seat each time. It gets stuck in the kiravans swivel plate mechanism. Much prefer a lwb, more storage, better access to cupboards and fridge, especially with the bed down and you can keep the toilet out, through the night. A rib bed is also a much better option than a rock n roll bed for storage access, clean / dirty storage above and below the rear leaf and you sleep on a flat rear surface, instead of seat surface. Rear windows are a waste of time, much better having an additional near side window in the rear, to give passengers a view out when driving, if you want to tick options that you can actually use because the rear windows are normally stocked up with gear, giving a limited view anyway. Regarding the thermal exterior covers, versus interior covers, we carry both. The exterior covers are o.k. when there is no wind and it is cold, reducing condensation, but in high winds near a beach they can flap, keep you awake and if sand / grit gets underneath it can scratch your paint. In these circumstances we always use the suckered blinds and put up with the extra condensation.

    1. ​​Offer an alternative view then numpty.
      Everything i put down was from years of campervan experience in a campervan and correct. It is easy to just lambast without stating an alternative view. I think that your statement was complete and utter rubbish boy.

    1. You can give an addict all the advice you like but unless they really want to change themselves they will always get a fix whenever they can. They lasted barely days after going cold Turkey before they had an even bigger dose on order. I am afraid they may be a lost cause. As the saying goes “okay so I do campervans every once in a while, I can handle it”. Of course we all know no one can!

  2. My guess was £35000.

    Often higher mileage vans are much better than lower mileage especially when 4-6 years old. This is because they are more likely to have done long motorway and main A road runs. This involves less clutch and gearbox wear, less brake and steering wear and less suspension wear than a lower mileage van that has been stop start short runs around a town with much higher pothole rates. I would be less concerned on a van doing 15-20k per year than one that had done c5k.

    The van conversion company know what to look for if a high mileage van has had a rough life around town and would never invest a £15000 plus conversion cost on anything ropey.

  3. Good to see a review like this of a conversion in a slightly older higher mileage van, we recently had a transit custom converted by a similar company and it seems great value for getting started! On the down side our van suffered a wet belt failure just before pickup and now a very expensive job to fix! Still we are fully committed and can’t wait to finally be able to use the van! 😀

  4. The double swivel seats are awesome! Got loads of stuff stored in mine. Not sure about bike helmets, but currently it’s storing first aid kit, spare bulb packs, triangle, high Vis, jumper cables pack, euro atlas, two beach blankets, bungee cords, cargo nets, front windows thermal blinds, electric inflation pump, hook up cable pack and some other small bits!

  5. Good independent convertors are worth considering for cost effective vans and continuing after sale care.
    We bought our Coast from a distant dealership on the assumption we could have it serviced by a local VW dealer.
    The main Cali local dealership initially quoted a 6 month wait for a service and then realising we had not purchased the van form them stated they were not taking on new servicing for the immediate future.
    Fortunately, a very local smaller VW non-Cali dealership sorted out the van mechanics including software update. However, they were not interested in fixing a broken cupboard catch.

    We enjoy the clever design features on the Cali but the most important aspect is getting out and enjoying the countryside.
    This can be done just as effectively with older and cheaper vans and its good to know you can pop backed to a trusted local dealer to sort out issues.

    1. As standard the waste water just goes straight out the bottom of the van and they suggest using a bowl to catch it if the campsite / camp ground doesn’t allow discharge like this. They can also fit a tank to catch it with a drain if you’d prefer. Yes there are USBs in the back 👍

    1. Well we approached them to go and see them and do this video because they were the first place that we ever looked at campervans and we were nearby on holiday. They didn’t pay us, they didn’t approach us, so I wouldn’t say our video was a sales pitch, more sharing what they do. There was nothing wrong with the van we looked at, or any of the others they had there either 🤷

  6. New to your channel and liked the video. Went to see that actual van yesterday. What did you really think of it as I may purchase it as my first camper. I don’t know if it was on when you tested it but it now has an awning rail on it and solar on the pop top.

    1. Don’t think it did have an awning or solar on it when we saw it. We liked the van overall and thought it showed quite good value for money really. For comfort it would need something to sleep on in the roof bed as there are no springs or slats up there, plus downstairs you may want more comfort too as those kind of beds can be hard (topper etc). We’d also want the waste water tank fitting as some campsites don’t let you drain into the pitch and a bowl for it is just another thing to carry which could be avoided.

    1. Ah, sorry about that! It’s a 2018/19 van. 68 plate was issued between 1/9/18 – 28/2/19. The next number plate was a 19 between the 1/3/19 and 31/8/19. Then it was 69, then 20, then 70 etc. number plates change every 6 months in England, Scotland and Wales.

    2. @Campervan Time Brilliant. Thanks for info. Although I just think saying 2018 plate 2019 plate etc Wud be easier.
      Definitely easier for us Irish. Lol.
      When are yous getting your new van. Ps. Loved your video on that manfacturer down in Cornwall. I might use that place myself some day. 🙌🙏🙌

  7. I would seriously consider reading some reviews on Trust Pilot and Google before having your name associated with this company. On the face of it the van conversions look like good value for money, but if you’re unlucky with the van there are consistent issues with after sales ‘support’

    1. Aircon for campervans tends to be talked about in two different ways – 1) aircon for the cab area only and for when the engine is running and you’re driving it and (2) aircon for the camping bit at the back when you are stopped and on electric hookup. There are also rechargeable portable air con units now for when stopped/camping but they’re a bit different again. In terms of importance, aircon for the cab when driving is pretty much essential I’d say especially if you want to maybe explore abroad. Would be V V hot without it. Aircon for the rear not essential at all, most pop-top campers don’t have it. Diesel heater, you need this to keep you warm in the van at night when it’s cold outside. It runs from the main diesel tank in the van and works without electric hookup (will run from your leisure battery on the van).

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