Gold Bullion or Cash

( ‘Gold Bullion or Cash’ (Goldnomics 2012) is an exceptional have to see brief video clip regarding gold bullion as well as money. It demonstrates how gold has actually preserved worth throughout background as well as why gold is more secure than money in the long-term. Legendary capitalists, organizations, reserve banks as well as the sensible are getting gold today. ‘Gold Nomics 2012’ reveals gold is a crucial safe house possession as well as a vital financial investment as well as conserving diversity in these unsure times. Please like, share & price – aids enormously:-RRB- –


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  1. @KookaburraCreative Good question KC 🙂 Oil crisis leads to inflation and stagflation – as was seen in the 1970’s. Oil and gold are correlated meaning that their market movements are broadly similar are over long term rising oil prices are correlated to rising gold prices. Investors buy gold as an inflation hedge and when oil rises it leads to inflation

  2. @ColdWarWarriors @brucec43 Indeed, original name of company was Gold and Silver Investments Limited.

    Silver is the major monetary metal throughout history and not gold.

    Agree with Milton Friedman on that.

    Gold is money of kings and nations – for trade, war etc.
    Silver is the money of the people.

  3. On the contrary, gold CAN be debased and rendered valueless. When it becomes radioactive, there is no way to cleanse it and it will kill the person who wears it or keeps it too close. There is no way to know if it is “hot” without a scintillator or Geiger counter. I know this wouldn’t stop the unethical or the stupid but it is a fact.

  4. What’s Scarry is as Basic Laymen Terms as Spelled Out in This Commercial. It’s Still NOT COMPREHENDED by comments below & people closest to me that actually play the Markets Don’t Get it!!!
    Mind Freak!!!
    One Real Silver Dime in 1953 would buy 1 gal of gas
    Today One Real Silver Dime will buy 1 gal of gas
    See the Value of “Real Money” Gold Silver Copper has Not CHANGED
    What has CHANGED is Ben Bernake’s Digital Alchemy created on his QE3 to infinity iPhone App Which Means Zimbabwe 401ks WW : )

  5. How can gold have peaked when only 1% invest in physical pm, when the Spector of inflation raises up from the endless printing going on around the world right now just watch that 1% become 10% and up and up prices will go and you my friend will only wish you had!!!

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