GOLD: The IMF Bombshell & What You Need To Know About It

Breaking: The IMF has actually simply launched a term paper on gold as ‘global gets’. It has some absolutely unbelievable information, however if you have actually seen the record – you’ll currently understand that it is a difficult read. As common, Mike Maloney and also Adam Taggart (with some aid from Ronnie Stoeferle of Incrementum AG) are right here to figure out the information and also double-speak, making this incredibly crucial record understandable. Stay tuned throughout for among the very best memes we have actually ever before seen.Enjoy
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30 thoughts on “GOLD: The IMF Bombshell & What You Need To Know About It”

  1. Seeing the West selling gold makes me think they might know something others don’t. Either they are selling their assets to float their spending, selling because they are stupid, or maybe they know that a gigantic gold reserve (e.g. Grand Canyon) will be unveiled to utterly destroy the price of gold. I don’t know. They can’t be this stupid, can they? I’m silver all the way!!!

  2. Quite frankly I think their all in on it. All countries basically in alignment with the WEF. The elites are wanting to spread the reserve currency/gold around so countries have gold to trade in the new system. This scheme takes the living standard down in the west and up in the emerging market countries. ALL EQUAL SERFS in the NWO.

  3. Got any idea what gold/silver can buy when the system finally breaks?

    If silver hits $500 an Oz. That sounds great… but a $300k house will be worth what… $5mil?

    What I’m asking is, how do we speculate the cost of goods/services when metals out value fiat?

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