Grow Lights 101: Best Plant Growth Spectrum Color? White vs Red/Blue LED + What is PAR & ePAR Light?

Do plants use more light colors than we realized? What does the latest horticulture research mean for grow lights? What’s the best color spectrum for growing plants? This video is all about Light Quality. What effect do different light wavelengths have on plants and their development? Do plants need UV light? How does Far Red light effect plant growth? Do plants use green light or is green light wasted energy? These questions are answered, along with scientific research that you can read more about, depending on your level of interest. 00:00 – Intro 00:32 – Kelvin Color Temperatures 01:28 – Visible Light Spectrum 01:39 – What is PAR Light? 02:38 – Do Plants Use Green Light? 04:30 – Benefits of Green Light For Plants 05:07 – Photomorphogenesis 05:25 – Do Plants Use UV Light? 05:51 – Do Plants Use Far-Red Light? 06:25 – How Plants Use Photoreceptors 07:11 – What is ePAR Light? 07:46 – What is the Emerson Enhancement Effect? 08:33 – How Plants Use Green & Far-Red Photons 09:07 – Is Full Spectrum Light Good For Plants? 09:36 – Custom Light Spectrum vs Plant Shape 10:57 – Is White Light Good For Home Gardeners? 11:59 – How Do LEDs Make White Light? 12:44 – What’s the Best Light Spectrum? We’ll take a look at the visible light spectrum (a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum). Why is it better to analyze grow light colors by their wavelengths rather than using generic Kelvin ratings? This video answers: What is PAR light (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)? It also looks at the McCree Curve & the Emerson Enhancement Effect. And we’ll see how to define ePAR (Extended Photosynthetically Active Radiation).

We’ll compare the efficiency of LEDs, fluorescents, high-pressure sodiums and metal halides. When considering LED vs HID, the spectral composition can be a major factor. Some LEDs have a few limited color bands, using only blue & red light. Some include a “full spectrum” light source. How do they make white light from LEDs? This video explains phosphor coated white LEDs. Are these white LEDs good for plant growth? How do plants use green light? How does far-red light help plants to grow? What about plant photoreceptors? This is the basics of plant lighting and grow lights. It is intended to benefit a broad audience, from home gardeners, to greenhouse growers, to vertical farmers and even “medical” growers. #GreehouseGrowers #LEDLights #IndoorGardening #knowledge #ArtificialLighting #GrowLights #Albopepper ••••••••••••••••••••• SUPPORT: ••••••••••••••••••••• W E B ➝ F B ➝ I G ➝ T E E S ➝ •••••••••••••••••••••

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  1. Using my old fish tank leds for my vegetable starts. Has an individual led color assortment. Shows the curve in the app based off what you kelvin you choose. Also intensity is adjustable. 4600k ideal for algae lol. I think I went for 6700k and the plant vegetable starts love it. As long as you buy a full spectrum for for when they flower

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