Health Insurance Denials

See you in heck

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  1. As someone who has cancer and now sees the corrupt reality of healthcare in the US this is all too real. My insurance said chemotherapy wasn’t a covered procedure. Been trying to hit me with 400,000 bills…and it’s just not the insurance companies awaiting justice it’s the hospital system. They both work together to artificially inflate prices…sad world we live in

  2. Cigna assured me my mental health practice was in network before I got treatment. I appealed $800 worth of claims and they are giving me the money back (eventually). Not even a sorry we screwed up processing those claims.

    Cigna and other Health Insurance people, no matter how you justify it, you are horrible scums of the earth.
    The incontinent old people wouldn’t piss on you in Hell.
    I’d rather wallow in my own urine than let it give you any reprieve.

  3. Memory trip here. In 2021 my then 55 year-old husband with treated uveal melanoma left eye was following up with medical Oncology every year or so (from 2017 onward) when all of the sudden the CT scan of chest, abdomen, and pelvis were “not medically necessary.” Fought it, tried appeals (HAHAHA). Fast forward to this January 2023 and he has mets to liver (not surprising) since that is where 90% of the time uveal melanoma metastasizes. But according to insurance, it was “not medically necessary.”
    I hate insurance companies for that very answer.

  4. This is exactly how it goes down. Except Dr G saved us the 45 mins on hold and being transferred from one bureaucrat to another, plus or minus the calls being dropped and having to call back. Oh and the waiting room full of people whose appointments are being backed up because of this.

  5. My sister got fired from an insurance company because she went over her quota of approved cases. Out of over a hundred cases she’d reviewed that month, she approved less than a quarter.
    She STILL cries whenever someone sounds annoyed with her on the phone. Her boss said that if they had to pay out more than anticipated that month, he’d take it out of her paycheck and garnish any future wages at any other job. He couldn’t actually do that of course, but when you’re 20 and fresh out of accounting school with bills to pay, how do you know that?

  6. I just had a PET scan denied today. I didn’t order it ( the pulmonologist did) but the appeal process has been given to me as the primary MD. Because the specialists are too busy making money to deal with this time wasting crap so they leave it to the primary MD, along with refills for the medications they prescribe. Not that I’m bitter or anything today.

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