Helping someone who is having a stroke #FirstAid #PowerOfKindness


Helping someone who is having a stroke (brain attack) — carry out the FAST test. Want to know more? Visit the British Red Cross website:

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  1. I too suffered a Mini stroke at home in early March of this year and my dad knew what to do. Plus I had my small dogs sleeping next to me. They both barked at my unit door to notify my dad that I was in trouble. The Ambulance service took me to Hospital for a assessment for a stroke. The next few hours the stroke team made me to have a shower before I went into surgery. The doctors who took care of me, they took out the blood clot out & inserted a stent in my right side of my brain via my wrist. After a few hours in recovery then I was transferred to a Rehab Centre for the next few months. I had to relearn how to walk again by using their equipment like the treadmill and the robotic arm. After a few months I was discharged from hospital and sent back home to recover properly. Now I’m back home again with my angel dogs ,I cam walk better with alot of practice & determination.

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