Here Is Why There’s Not Other Silver Bullion Options From The US Mint

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25 thoughts on “Here Is Why There’s Not Other Silver Bullion Options From The US Mint”

  1. I will never stack ASE. The premium is unjustified. The US Mint is on pace to make 20+ million of them this year…and $4.5 per coin premium is considered good? Huh?

    To me, The Perth Mint by far is the best Mint in the world. They have a basic Kangaroo for stacking with high montage similar to ASE, that’s always cheaper than ASE. They also have Koala, Kookaburra, and other coins, with far more limited maximum montages of 300k and 500k, which they never get close to hitting. Add in the fact the design changes every year, AND you can get them in 10oz and 1 kilo sizes of even lower montages…..

    I wish our Mint wasn’t so restrained by Congress. Getting those knuckleheads to agree on anything is impossible.

    By all means collect what you like. For me, ASE’s are not it.

  2. my opinion: big brother wants other companies to sell (fake) silver, take our info, sell it to 3rd party, and we would have fake silver, other companies have our information.
    (an idea: find silver with a metal detector, buy silver with cash, trade, and be under the radar.)

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