Hiring a DJ? Get advice from an expert-SW Michigan DJ, “JellieBean”! on #MondaysattheManor week 3.

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=qTucrjD72tA

Expert advice from a professional DJ on the top reasons to hire an expert DJ for your wedding. Music sets the tone of the celebration and you want it to be FUN! Shawn “JellieBean” McDonough, one of SW Michigan’s top DJ’s, gives tips on finding the right DJ for your wedding and the pitfalls of having a “friend” be responsible for your music. #MondaysattheManor are filmed inside the 1847 Manor House at Stonegate Manor, SW Michigan’s premier estate wedding venue. Located on Lake Michigan’s west coast less than 10 minutes from some of the best beaches in Michigan. On the outskirts of St. Joseph, a quaint resort town perfectly suited for a family mini-vacation AND in the heart of Michigan’s wine country, Stonegate Manor is the perfect wedding, regardless of your vision…be it Boho, Classic, Rustic or whatever! For additional information on Stonegate Manor please visit: https://www.stonegatemanorevents.com/

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