How are Silver Coins Minted? .com/watch?v=Hyh9SI5UhnY

A behind the scenes look at how silver coins are struck. This special tour follows the process of minting a silver coin from raw silver to final strike. Filmed at the North West Territorial Mint near Reno, NV, it covers the whole process of producing a one ounce silver round. Presented by Endeavour Silver Corp. as part of the Endeavour Silver Series of educational films on all things silver. Sorry, our silver coins aren’t available for sale.

20 thoughts on “How are Silver Coins Minted?”

  1. I’ve never seen one of these rounds for sale, anywhere. I know there is an Endeavor Silver company, I’ve just never seen any Endeavor product for sale. There are rounds commemorating that sailing ship “Endeavour” that are, I think, minted in AUS. Maybe these just go to Casa Moneda (the Mexican mint) to make Libertads, though that seems like a waste…if so, they would just ship blanks to Casa Moneda.

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