How Does GLP 1 & Ozempic Affect Metabolic Health & Do They Work? | Dr. Rob Lustig & Dr. Casey Means

Medications, such as Ozempic, Wegovy, and more, have become increasingly popular for weight loss. These drugs are glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists, and they mimic a hormone that, among other things, tells the brain a person is full so they eat less. But are they safe, and do they help improve metabolic health? Dr. Rob Lustig and Dr. Casey Means discuss these weight-loss drugs and their effects on the body, and why such medications likely won’t solve the obesity crisis, for which the food industry is culpable.

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📍What Rob Lustig, MD, & Casey Means, MD, discuss:
00:00 — Intro
06:24 — The mechanisms of action for weight-loss medications
09:07 — Dr. Casey Means shares her perception of the popularity of GLP-1 medications
13:19 — GLP-1 RAs lead to fat loss but also muscle loss
19:50 — Do GLP-1 RAs improve metabolic health?
22:29 — Dr. Lustig discusses the high cost of GLP-1 RAs
29:37 — Dr. Lustig makes the case for fixing the food problem
37:39 — How can patients use GLP-1 RAs as a jumpstart?
46:15 — Dr. Lustig shares his concerns about the use of GLP-1 RAs in children


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19 thoughts on “How Does GLP 1 & Ozempic Affect Metabolic Health & Do They Work? | Dr. Rob Lustig & Dr. Casey Means”

  1. My Endo who put me on insulin befor any oral and I gained 30 pounds – was able to get into Ketosis with a Virta plan. No longer can get Ketosis going. Trying to get off insulin . Now MD suggested Mounjaro. But pharmacist noted Adverse Effects had a 51% autoimmune response of patients… if I am already Autoimmune and have a big family autoimmune cluster.. I have Hashimoto and was told my auto immune test showed they think I will get Lupus next which does run in the family…. So big question.. if We know I have a glitch in my Autoimmune System software. How do I know an injection of unknown chemical won’t be seen as an invader my body thinks is another viral protein to attack. My Antibodies that are still high now are Thyroid Perixidase and Thyroid Globulin Antibidies. What is this reactions with Thyroud Should I be cautious?

  2. I agree with everything he said but I know someone on it they have type 2 diabetes. They have struggled their whole life as have I. We are desperate I am not on it and now I am afraid to even try. I have done keto list 100lbs and now I am regaining . I have carb addiction and stress eating so no point in trying. Head hunger is my problem ugh

  3. I was on this junk for 2 years and stopped it about 5 months ago (weaned off). I did not gain the weight back but in fact lost 13 lbs over the course of 5 months. I went on a ketovore lifestyle diet and it has been marvelous. I got my muscle strength back and the remnants of the ozempic face went away. The hunger has not returned because of my new lifestyle. I am still having some gastrointestinal issues but they too have improved over time. And all the drugs I was on are gone!

  4. I loved the interview. But I have one disagreement with Dr. Lustig and Dr. Casey. Or perhaps I should say I have a different perspective. I do agree that we should cut out the sugar and processed foods. But, I would emphasize increasing the consumption of the good foods. In my opinion, it is every bit as important to increase the consumption of goods foods as it is to eliminate the bad foods. Maybe we should convince obese people to start out eating more good fats and proteins if they can’t cut out the processed carbs. By eating the good fats and proteins, they will be less hungry and they would more likely eat less of the junk.

  5. OK… so it’s increasing insulin and forcing more glucose into fat BUT it also has that anorexic effect with GL1 attaching to receptors on the brainstem so maybe that’s why the effect seems incoherent? Oh – Lustig goes on to basically say what I just said… lol

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