How does Invisalign work? .com/watch?v=wCGFmUfpmvM

An animated view of how Invisalign – the teeth straightening system works. All you wanted to know from start to finish. More information visit

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  1. currently have them. they were uncomfortable for the first few days but I’ve gotten use to them. Only negative thing is that I can’t eat as much as I used to. Had to give up snacks and chewing gum etc =( but it’ll be worth it once my treatment is over and my teeth are nice and straight =D

    1. Jason Forbes my orthodontist said to me that they actually recommend chewing gum (sugar free)i forget the reasoning behind it but i believe it has to do something with helping them stay in place. when i get mine they are giving me a rubber thing to chew on which is what gum will do. That is just what i was told by my orthodontist

  2. I have Invisalign, I’m on my 10th set (I have 14 sets) and I wear them for ten days each at a time now, originally 14 days. I am so happy with the results I’m seeing! I paid £2,000 for my lower teeth only as my top teeth are fine! I’d totally recommend Invisalign! Pricey but great!

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