How Go Karting Was Invented

The tale of just how a mower engines were changed right into competing devices!
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18 thoughts on “How Go Karting Was Invented”

  1. Very nicely done. My father and I started racing karts in 1961 in Los Angeles, CA. Art Ingel’s was a regular at our home track, Monza Speedway in Gardens and my father Wally Wallick drove Art’s Caretta brand kart for ten years. We went to visit him at his home/shop in Echo Park, LA when I was 15. The shop was his 2 car garage. Each Caretta was made to order one at a time and had the level of quality you’d expect from a Indy car builder. Now, I am a 74 year old man living in the Thai jungle building an Experimental Kar with a full body, canopy, twin Yamaha 150cc, water cooled two stroke motorcycle engines and 6 speed gear boxes. I call it the GXP-75. That stands for Grit’s Experimental Prototype @ 75 years old. Hope to have it completed by my birthday December 22, 2021. Look for it on YouTube early next year. Best wishes, Grit.

  2. Daytona Milton Keynes, as it is now, started out life as the James Hunt Race Center before (I believe) going bust. It was then aquired by Daytona. My son races in the Inkart series and it’s a fantastic way for kids to get into karting for a reasonable cost.

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