How Hunter Biden, gas ovens & a wellness facility ALL LINK

com/watch? v= XsRQ3v_JLdU

America is encountering dark times, as well as some current newspaper article reveal we’re also encountering wickedness. In this clip, Glenn explains 4 current newspaper article that you need to know: The weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, as well as CIA (as well as just how it connects to Joe Biden’s papers detraction), a current admission by Hunter Biden, a straight-out lie from Democrats regarding the supposed gas range restriction, as well as a SHOCKING, upcoming wellness facility. So, just how do these tales all associate? Glenn clarifies all of it … ► Click right here to register for Glenn Beck on YouTube: ► Click right here to register for BlazeTV: ► Click right here to register for BlazeTV YouTube: ► Click right here to join to Glenn’s e-newsletter: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:.

14 thoughts on “How Hunter Biden, gas ovens & a wellness facility ALL LINK”

  1. Satanism is very real. Remember in the bible the magicians could do almost all the miracles that Moses and Aron could. The evil one is able to give power especially when so much innocent blood is being shed on his behalf. He’s a counterfeit and his time is short! Looking forward to our Blessed Hope Lord Jesus!

  2. Been in the hvacr trade for nearly 19 years and they been phasing out refrigerants for decades. They are now going to phase out r410 and looks like the same agenda and strategy for everything now. I’ve dealt with building automation for over 10 years and they now want that in all residential homes. Smart grid/smart home. All appliances linked to the internet and controlled remotely. They want to control your energy consumption in your home.

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