How I Make Silver Hammered Wedding Rings

I’ve made these simple silver wedding bands as a beginner silversmith and today I wanted to show you how to make them! Enjoy watching and comment down below if you have any questions 🙂 Massive thank you to @PepetoolsUSA for partnering with me on this video! Check out the tools I’m using below. ⭐️ You can find Pepetools here: ⭐️ I get my music from Artlist: ⭐️ Superior Ring Bending Tool: ⭐️ SmartSize US Ring Sizing Kit for Superior Ring Bending Tool: ⭐️ Haymaker Saw Frame ⭐️ Blade butter: ⭐️ NANO saw blades pack of 144: ⭐️ NANO saw blades pack of 12: ⭐️ Foredom Pendant Motor & Flex Shaft: ⭐️ Power Sander: ⭐️ Smart Flux: ⭐️ Smart Pickle: (These are affiliate links, which means that I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. It’s completely optional and helps me run this channel!). ⭐️ RING BLANK CALCULATOR:

Ring Blank Calculator ⭐️ Want to see more tutorials like this? Check out these videos! – Make a saddle ring: – Make a ring with bezel setting for cabochon: – Make a spinner ring: ⭐️Follow me on Instagram! ⭐️ Additional resources can be found on my Patreon page! Find out more about becoming a Patron and ways to support the production of the videos: ⭐️ JEWELRY MAKING TUTORIALS: UNISEX RING step by step tutorial: BEZEL step by step tutorial: RING from start to finish: GOLD FILLED RINGS tutorial: ⭐️ LET’S CONNECT! My website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: #weddingrings #jewelrymaking #silversmithing Sub count: 90,769

36 thoughts on “How I Make Silver Hammered Wedding Rings”

  1. So happy I finally made that video! Been meaning to share the process since I made these rings long time ago 🙂 I hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to check out the info under the video, where I listed all of the resources, sizing calculators, tools and more.
    And if you enjoyed this video, why not check out other tutorials?
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  2. Hiya Lady Stardust,
    Thank you for yet another fantastic video. I just love your easy and simple way of taking us through each step to a wonderful finished product. Yet again, sharing the entire process allows us to follow along and manufacture something similar. Art in the making.
    Stay safe, Steve xx

  3. 2:01 I know that if there are white spots on the nails, this means the body does not have enough calcium. Your nails do not have white spots, they are completely white! 😲My God, you urgently need to start eating something with a lot of calcium!
    Great video, I liked it. 👌😊

  4. Are you going to be making new video soon or has debt collectors found you making you move country again. Your watch as jewellery in your video has given me much inspiration to add pretty Opal gemstone to harsh looking mechanical look of watch. Thank you. Also how does husband think about moving so often ? Must make things difficult for him also ? Looking forward to more inspiration from your pretty creations.

  5. I’ve recently found your videos and they’re so helpful. I’m about to make my very first silver ring and will be rewatching them as I go through the process.

    If there isn’t already one, It would be great if you could do a video on the various flex shaft attachments you use. Could you also provide a link of where to get them? Keep up the great work.

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