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In this episode, digital science editor Daniela Hernandez participates in a week-long experiment to find out how work-related stress impacts our bodies and to measure her own resilience. Photo: Natalia V. Osipova/The Wall Street Journal #WSJ #Health #Wellness

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  1. “I realized that the stress I was having was not just regular grad school stress” =story of my life. I used to think that I was just experiencing the normal stress of school and life and that everyone was going through what I was going through. But then I
    realized that it wasn’t normal for me to shaking, crying, and sweating everyday den i consulted with Planet Ayurveda….now i’m much better.

  2. I’m sooo ready to quit. I used to be so passionate and on fire for my job but I can’t anymore. After 5.5 years I’m burned out…burned into ashes you could say, I’ve checked out mentally and do the bare minimum now. I feel like my contribution means nothing, I’m replaceable, bosses who think they can yell at me, I stopped learning everything I can at this job and reached the highest position in my organization without having to play politics. I’m tired of wearing this fake mask every day. Tired of going through the motions like a zombie. Tired of commuting, doing mandatory overtime ( no extra money is worth it), mandatory stays at work 24/7 during natural disasters (can’t even go home so I have to sleep at work 💩). I got a list of 3 dozen reasons why I wanna quit. My anxiety level is through the roof, I snap at people and hate interaction with people. I have insomnia and headaches. I’m triggered easily and wanna be left alone. Overwhelmed big time and can’t catch a break. My physical and mental health are suffering big time. I really wanna quit. In the next month or two. The 50k a year just ain’t fkn worth it and I’m only 29.

    1. Same… I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this… I left my first corporate job I worked for 3 years recently, and we have no more savings. No money to live off and pay the bills or we are homeless. Unfortunately i’m stuck looking desperately for another job. I’m just stressed and anxious 24/7. I have a chronic illness which makes everything harder. I don’t know what to do, i’ve tried everything possible thing to make money. I run multiple online businesses, have multiple YouTube Channels, I spent all my savings on trying to become a voice actor and the most i’ve made in a year is $30. I can’t do this anymore, how do people live like this. My whole family thinks i’m a disgrace as I left a good paying job, but it was super toxic and stressful. Constant deadlines, daily meetings and managers making you stay unpaid overtime. I’m only 23. I can’t do this for another 40+ years. I wish I knew what to do…

    2. @Diamond Dubs i can feel you life is short job is necessary there’s a plenty of jobs that you can work under stress also at the same time your are relaxed just do whatever job and find out yourself which job will suits you, explore yourself and be happy bcz this stress and anxiety i also felt and i am 24

  3. Most people are their own worst enemy when it comes to stress. They throw themselves into long hour, high stress jobs, while simultaneously adding even more stress outside of work by needlessly stacking commitments and responsibilities that trap them even more. They do all this because they misguidedly think it’s the only path to a successful life. It’s folly, because your health and happiness are vastly more valuable than any high paid job.

    5:02 gives one key piece of advice. If you’ve put yourself in a destructive environment and don’t have the power to improve that situation, then you really need to get out of that environment, otherwise you’re just sitting in a burning building saying “this is fine”. No, it’s not fine, and not acting could be very costly.

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