HOW many KARATS for this INSANE $400K Eternity DIAMOND Ring? .com/watch?v=C1ZKWw6PVBA

Showing you all an insane eternity ring that can really get a yes Details on pieces like these: ETERNITY RINGS: Watches call here (347) 752-3274 Custom line call here (347)306-3132 Grillz line call here (347)752-3331 #ring #diamond #expensive TraxNYC is located in New York City’s famed diamond district. We offer the most exclusive pieces and the most unbeatable prices. CHAINS CATALOG: RINGS CATALOG: EARRINGS CATALOG: PENDANTS CATALOG: DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE THE VIDEO CONTACT US: Call us at (212) 391-3832 Get your jewelry at COME SEE US: 64 W 47TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10036 FOLLOW US: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WANT TO START YOUR CUSTOM PROJECT? Call us at (347) 752-1312 Email us at [email protected]

29 thoughts on “HOW many KARATS for this INSANE $400K Eternity DIAMOND Ring?”

    1. @MaxxYield yea I know the k and c. I’m talkin about gold. Diamonds are for women lol, in my opinion. And ur right, gold content is in karat percentage lol. But i think u know what I meant. Thanks for clarifying for those that don’t understand.

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