How Much Does Weight Affect Karting Lap Times?


Does being heavier make you slower at karting? Is this a genuine excuse or just a myth? All is revealed as F1 test driver Jack Aitken puts the kart through its paces at Reading Teamsport. Make sure you check out Jack’s social channels using the links below. SUBSCRIBE to WTF1 Visit Our Shop: —– Follow WTF1 —– Subscribe to WTF1: On our website: On Facebook: On Instagram: On Twitter: —- Follow Jack Aitken —– Subscribe to Jack Aitken Racing: On his website: On Facebook: On Instagram: On Twitter: —– Music provided by —– Epidemic Sound

20 thoughts on “How Much Does Weight Affect Karting Lap Times?”

  1. I ran Briggs Masters for 3 years. Had to carry around close to 60 lbs to make minimum weight. For my last race made sure I qualified last and pulled all the weight off my kart . WOW what a difference!!!!! On section of track was downhill and kept putting left tires on paint. Eventually lead to a bumpy off track excursion! . Never had I enjoyed a screw up like that 😁🏁.

  2. You can get used to the extra weight, I’m in or around 120kg and I’m 1.6 off local record, I find I lose out on straight lines but I can corner faster than all my mates, it’s all about adaptation. That said, I’d absolutely love to drop 20-30kg and see what the difference is.

  3. My guess is that there are a couple of different factors at play some an an advantage some disadvantage. For example at turn in the extra weight will give more grip against the extra inertia. Which is more affected probably depending on the steering angle. Then there is the polar moment of inertia which affects how quickly the kart pivots around its centre and how responsive it is, how stable or twitchy it is. Then there is the centrifugal force once into the bend versus extra grip afforded by the weight. I believe centrifugal is exponential with regard to speed whereas weight is linear. Each factor will vary in significance at different parts of the track.

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