How much should you spend on engagement rings?

Learn the RIGHT Way to Budget for The Perfect Engagement Ring Ready to pop the question? 💍 Let me show you how to buy an engagement ring the right way! 📝 From getting expert advice to finding the perfect diamond beyond the certificate, to ensuring quality craftsmanship and exceptional service, every detail matters when it comes to finding the perfect ring for your special someone. Because it’s not just a piece of jewelry, it’s an emotional symbol of your love and commitment. Let’s make this moment unforgettable together! #bybonniejewelry #engagement #engagementring #proposalplanning #proposal #saturday #YouTube Let me know what you guys thought of this week’s video and leave a comment to let me know what I should talk about next! TIMESTAMPS 00:00 – Introduction to “The RIGHT Way to Budget for The Perfect Engagement Ring” 00:27 – Choosing the Right Jeweler (Personalized Experience) 02:00 – Expert Diamond Curation to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring 02:57 – Why Quality Craftsmanship Matters When Buying a Diamond Ring? 03:56 – Buying from a Private Jeweler Vs. Buying from Retail (Exceptional Service) 05:10 – The Emotional Significance Behind an Engagement Ring ►Follow BONNIE @bybonniejewelry IG ► FB ► Web ► ► OVERVIEW ❤ About my size for reference: I am 5’3, 110 Pounds, Finger size 5.5 ❖ ► What Bonnie Specializes in: ◆ Seamless Craftsmanship ◆ Solitaires, Pave, 3 Stone, Hidden Halo ► WHERE AM I ?

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32 thoughts on “How much should you spend on engagement rings?”

  1. These tips were awesome!! Your sweet personality and care in customer service always shine through. I love watching any ring you make. Maybe talk about how to upgrade from your original wedding ring and what you should be looking for in the next one. Can you also do a video on your graduated tennis necklace?

  2. all extremely good points! it doesn’t matter how amazing the stone is – if you put it in a badly made setting, it’s going to look like ass, and why would you do that?? bonnie, your earrings are gooorgeous – is it a piece by you or someone else?

  3. This was a great video. I agree. We’ve been with my jeweler for over 23 years. And the positives you mention are the reasons why we’ve continued to work with him, build a relationship, and refer him to 3 friends; all of whom chose him to be their jeweler. It’s important to find a reputable and qualified jeweler who listens to the client regarding all the aspects of purchasing an engagement ring (or any piece of jewelry). If I didn’t have my own jeweler, there are only two other professionals I’d trust to design my jewelry, and Bonnie would be one of them💖. Your quality, craftsmanship, and attention to the what the client wants is awesome! 💍

  4. Hey Bonnie, firstly I love your videos! Secondly I know this is a bit odd, but can you give some advice on how to get used to wearing a ring? I have small knuckles so my ring needs to be quite snug, but I find it so uncomfortable. I’m not a jewellery wearer at all, but want to wear my ring cause it’s so beautiful.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and showing love. This is definitely a matter of ring choice and style. Obviously, some styles are more comfier and less bulky than others. If you want to get used to wearing a ring, I suggest you choose a style that is smooth and slim. Hope this helps! ✨ -Team By Bonnie

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