How Much Will Coin Shops Pay for your Gold Coins?

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23 thoughts on “How Much Will Coin Shops Pay for your Gold Coins?”

  1. Earlier this year I found a gold coin at a yard sale and not knowing much this was my first experience selling and buying gold, it was a 1oz commemorative gold coin I sold it to a local shop for $1750 and I regret that now I should have kept it or done more research. At the time gold spot was $1850 I think…did I get ripped off??

  2. In Australia you will get AT BEST spot price for anything, doesnt matter what you bring or how much premium you paid for it, heck most places wont even give you spot…. you’ll get 1 or 2% below, not even PAMP gold bars will be bought at spot in some places even though theyre an outrageous $200 AUD or 6-6.5% premium to buy with Perth Mint being 3.5-4%. The places that will give you spot give you “their spot” with the margin already built in when you shit test the price with the live spot and currency exchange rate, they just dont expect people to call them out.

    Its a very different market here it seems compared to all the American youtubers talking about stacking coins and retaining premiums etc. And was very confusing when starting out because I saw none of it reflected here.

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