How NOT To Race In An International Karting Championship | #52

Well, that sucked. BNL round 2 at Karting des Fagnes in Belgium.

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17 thoughts on “How NOT To Race In An International Karting Championship | #52”

  1. Want to move forward, you need to spend some money at it. Forget the T4 event, you need more than that to get your current equipment up to spec. The chassis (both OTK and LN) are dead and you need 2 new ones, the slow engine should not be in use so replace it or rent another fast one, you need more wheels, you need to buy more tyres, your mechanic should be telling you this stuff, guess they need to be replaced as well.

  2. Go kart is so twitchy. I don’t know if that is your driving style because I have been watching for a year and noticed this right away in the rotax class. Seems like you need to have less front or more rear to balance the kart up. That’s because every little input into the wheel in the middle of the corner upsets the kart so much that it seems impossible to drive.

  3. Tough luck man. It’s frustrating when you know where you should be, and you’re limited by what you have on the weekend.

    Over here in Australia, we were fast all the way through the Aus Kart championship, but our kart had taken a hit halfway through the season and we lost speed big time. It got straightened obviously, but every time we used it on a big race weekend where 400+ karts are rolling around and the track rubbers up, a kart with a little underlying issue like that will always fold under the load being put through it from all the rubber on the track. Therefore, issues in a kart won’t be present on a green track. The kart will feel fine. But the flaws will become evident as the weekend goes on, which judging by what you were expereincing, sounds like a similar thing.

    All the best for your future racing man. Always love your indepth videos, and we know how fast you are 😉

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