How to BRAKE in Karting (tutorial)

Get your FREE Go Karting e-book from our website: How to BRAKE in Karting (tutorial) In today’s video we discuss Threshold Braking and the different steps on how to brake in Go Karting.

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  1. At my local track, the rentals don’t have much feeling in the brake (maybe because they’re electric?). It’s the only place I have been, so idk if that’s normal. Threshold braking seems to be a good way to address this issue though, great tip, thanks!

  2. I never took any driving lessons, however, the only time I´ve entered an official race was quite a few years ago in the annual Carlos Sainz Championship (Madrid). I actually made it to the final and finished 5th out of about 400 ppl that entered the event. I even had Mr. Sainz (Sr) come and congratulate me on the achievement, since I was about 35 y/o and everyone around me were kids with racing kits full of sponsors while I was in the rental suit and helmet hahaha I was proud of it since I love driving/racing since very little and that kind of proved I wasn´t bad at it, but we all know how expensive racing is and I don´t have a rich father, and he wasnt supportive on me going racing anyway…and somehow this video reminded me all that…about the driving, rotating the car without losing speed is the key, usually I lift in the turn in just enough to help the car rotate and then on the power asap, most of times using some throttle at the same time as braking to help the kart stay settled, be very neat on the racing lines and steering inputs so the car doesnt move around therefore losing speed are the areas where I concentrate the most. I hope you at least find this comment entertaining 🙂

    1. @DrR1pperare you asking because it would be faster in karts to brake and turn, than lift and turn ? I’m a newbie trying to figure things out. Braking gets you rotated faster as I understand, but that depends on the corner, right? The aim is ultimately to be smooth at the fastest speed you can go right, so if you can do that without braking in a turn then you do that right?

    1. @KTips I saw in another video someone suggest using the throttle to help rotate the kart instead of the break, is it better to break to slow down then apply throttle to rotate, or break to slow down, lock up the rear tires to rotate then apply throttle? Sorry I’m pretty new to this and having a hard time improving my times

  3. I went rental karting and I was one of the faster drivers of the day (second fastest of the day, third fastest of the week. only beaten out by their frequent regulars) so I was pushing the karts kinda hard. In my third heat of the day they gave me a kart that had just been serviced and I didn’t know that the brakes weren’t fully there. I felt them while going slow so thought they were there, but they were on and off once I started going. I came off the main straight where you hit top speed (around 50ish+ mph) and go straight into a kinda box oval if the sides were pushed in more (for a picture it’s AMP super B track in the bottom right corner). Problem was I couldn’t stop and got catapulted into the dirt. lesson learned: test kart before going fast and don’t fully trust rentals.

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