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How to clean your silver coin, silver rounds, and silver bars, or any silver. We all know overtime silver is a precious metal that loves to tarnish milk spot, fingerprint and some regular wear and tear. on today’s video I want to let you know two simple ways on cleaning your silver. you can also use this to clean silver chains, rings, watch. And what’s good about this is you can buy CULL silver and make it look new or like BU silver thank you for watching another video from urban lifestyle if you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing leave in a comment and thumbs up Silver wipes Tarnish remover _________________ Here are some ways to store your silver coins in bars __________________ 100 pieces 40 mm coin holders Air-Tite 1 Coin Holder for ASE Air-Tite Bar Direct Fit Capsules for 1oz Silver Bar 5 oz America the beautiful capsule 📬Send anything to my address PO Box 814506 Hollywood, FL 33081–4506 📧 hit me up [email protected] 🔍my silver pourers 🚨🚨Follow me on my social media🚨🚨 📸INSTAGRAM @urbanlifestyle1989 🐦TWITTER @urbanlifestyle1989 📖FACEBOOK UrbanLifestyle1989 👻snap chat 🔌If you like this vid check out these 📲Top 4 Mistake buying silver

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On this video I go over topics like:How to clean your silver, cleaning silver bullion, silver tarnish, silver milk spot, #silverstacking #buyingsilver #silverbullion

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  1. Just want to say I’ve been stacking silver and gold since I was 14. Check my channel if you don’t believe me lol. (Cringe stuff on there). For those of you who are hating on him cleaning his silver, you’re dumb. These are not numismatic coins, these are bullion pieces for investors only interested in the metal content. Like him, I like my silver and gold to look good. Why? Because it’s not cheap. I didn’t work my ass off to spend over $7,000 on silver and gold that looks dirty. I can clean it, blend it, poop on it, melt it, write sharpie penises on it and guess what, it keeps the same value. Well, maybe the premium value goes away. But by cleaning it, this does not affect that. Good video!

  2. Catalyst. The Aluminum acts as a catalyst for the acid to react with. This reaction is what causes the tarnish to move from the silver to the aluminum.
    I’d suggest, which you probably already have, doing more homework before uploading your videos.
    Other than that, I’ll give you 2% over spot on your silver. 😀

  3. Look like couple people already mentioned it and I stand behind it hands down best method is baking soda, aluminium foil, and hot water let soak for about 5 minutes rinse dry and use a dry eraser and scrub with some elbow grease. Grantee you won’t be disappointed

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