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The ring-exchange element of the wedding ceremony has been going on for thousands of years across all sorts of religions and cultures. There are dozens and dozens of ways to do it, and there’s an equal number of things you can say about the rings in the wedding ceremony. And then there are all the moving parts around the Ring Exchange in a wedding ceremony! If we overlook them, it can lead to anything from not having the actual rings when we call for them to the bride or groom stumbling all over their words when we ask them to “repeat-after-me.” As with every element of wedding ceremonies, it’s my philosophy to break it down to its smallest components, to be prepared, and to keep things simple. In this video, you’ll get the 8 steps for a Ring Exchange that works in the field for a real professional wedding officiant who uses it weekend-in and weekend-out. This Ring Exchange will work for you, too. For more detail and to get the Ring Exchange scripting in this video, head to the companion blogpost: ⭐️⭐️👉🏻 Grab my free, quickstart, instant-access 5-Step Wedding Ceremony Guide here: 👈🏻⭐️⭐️ 🚀 Premium Online Course for Wedding Officiants and Celebrants: 📞 Wedding Script and Ceremony Coaching: 🖥 “Done-For-You” Pro Website For Officiants and Celebrants: 💒 Officiating Service: ✍🏻 Story Writing Service: 📝 Ceremony Writing Service: 🎙 The Unboring!Wedding Day Love Stories Podcast: FB: Unboring!Wedding on Facebook: IG: Unboring!Wedding on Instagram: Background Photos thanks to: TJ Tindale Photography Scarlet O’Neill | Photography Olive Photography Luminous Weddings Christine Hewitt Weddings Magnolia Studios Hillary Deane Photography 0:00 Wedding Ring Exchanges 1:13 1. Who holds the ring? 3:14 2. Where the ring exchange goes in your ceremony script 5:09 3. Check the ring keeper has the rings BEFORE 7:00 4. Introduce the ring exchange section with a reflection 9:43 5. Ring keeper knows the cue 12:29 6. Ring keeper gives the ring to Partner 1 16:44 7. Wait! Wait while Partner 1 places the ring on Partner 2’s finger 20:41 8. Prompt Partner 1 to consummate the Ring Exchange with a few words #WeddingOfficiant #RingExchange #UnboringWedding

27 thoughts on “How To Exchange Weddings Rings During A Wedding (8 Easy Steps For Wedding Officiants!)”

  1. I get what you’re suggesting but I’ve found this makes a really good flow. I talk about the ritual of weddings being three rituals, the statement of intent, the exchange of rings and the vow. So my exchange i sthis:

    Is it your intent to enter into marriage with {whoever}? If so, please indicate that intent by placing your ring on the fourth finger of {his/her} left hand. Then the vows. Just another way of doing the same thing.

  2. I am so very glad that I took time to look at your videos. So many helpful tips and I really appreciate the way you are clear and concise. Thank you so much Mark for sharing. I just know your guidance will help me to feel so much more prepared for my upcoming ceremonies.

  3. How long should a ceremony last? SO far my speech is about 6 pages long, so including the actual actions and pauses etc, I don’t think this is going to be much longer than 10 minutes at the most! I feel like without all the religious hooplah we are all so used to associating with a wedding, that a non-religious wedding seems too short. Any tips?

    1. Unboring!Wedding - Mark Allan Groleau

      Ceremonies can range from 10 minutes on the short end to an average of 25 minutes to half an hour. Most of my ceremonies go 25 to 30 minutes because I spend about 12 minutes telling my couples’ love story and then the other 9 elements fill the rest of the time.

    2. Unboring!Wedding - Mark Allan Groleau

      @Hiro Protagonist If it’s just a simple ceremony, it doesn’t have to be any certain length. A lot of couples are just fine with a 10 minute ceremony. As long as you do the essentials like vows and rings, you’re good!You got this! 👊🏻

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