How to deal with all psychological wellness concerns permanently


Want a one dimension fits all remedy to your psychological illness? You’re healed with The Button! But seriously, if you’re battling with your psychological wellness, please look for assistance. Here are some around the world sources that might aid:

Global Mental Health Resources
International Mental Health Helplines
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15 thoughts on “How to deal with all psychological wellness concerns permanently”

  1. I love how you can see how everyone’s satisfied with the patient looking and acting healthy as opposed to feeling good. And the patients play along, just to shut up those obnoxious “friends”. I would do that when my friends started shaming me for not wanting to get better. I still do around people I know to either not care how I feel internally, or just don’t understand.

    I’ve been told by people how I feel so often, I started making the difference between subjective experiences (=what I feel) and objective experiences (=what people say I feel). Then pissed off most of my “friends” by concentrating on being subjectively happy and ignore everything that makes me objectively happy. (do people even exist, where the two overlap?)

  2. 🎶🎶’Yoga works for me
    Have you tried chamomile tea’ 🎶🎶
    Sounds like it would make an awesome song chorus 🤣🤣
    All jokes aside, you guys are amazing for making these type of video. The amount of people they must have helped is crazy. You guys are literally making the world a better place 💙

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