How To Make Furnishings That is Completely different


My Patreon Page – Thanks to Britton Timbers for supplying the White Oak – Made From White Oak, this low mendacity leisure unit was designed for a consumer that has particular dimension necessities, not just for the room itself but additionally for the tools that can sit on this unit. The strategies proven on this construct may be utilised in plenty of other ways for plenty of totally different items of furnishings or different woodworking tasks. This is a brand new fashion of video that I’m making an attempt out so please let me know what you concentrate on the voiceover. If you do like this fashion of video and want to see extra, I’ve round 13 voiceover movies on my Patreon in addition to a brand new video launched each month the place I am going into element about what I’ve learnt in my 20 years within the business, however if you happen to don’t wish to enroll that’s not downside in any respect, I’m after all going to proceed to launch movies right here on YouTube, however I’d adore it if you happen to thought-about subscribing. Thanks Tools and Products used on this video (affiliate hyperlinks) – ¼ Inch Down Cut Spiral Router Cutter – Fiddes Oil – All Other Products I Use – Camera Gear I Use (affiliate hyperlinks)- Video Camera – Photography Camera – Lighting Amaran 100D – Lighting Amaran 200D (extra highly effective) – Standard Questions- – What end do I exploit – Fiddes Lightfast Waterstain in Ebony. Then high coated with ‘Satin’ Hard Wax Oil – What glues do I exploit – Titebond 3 and Polyurethane Glue Designed, constructed, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio Music from #woodworking #woodwork #furnishings making FOLLOW HERE: Website – Instagram – Gear I exploit – Patreon –

20 thoughts on “How To Make Furnishings That is Completely different”

    1. It definitely helps understanding the process and I think that it was easier to watch as in I was more “hooked”. Without voiceover, it is definitely more magical and soothing. I am not going to make something of this level and might actually prefer to keep the mystery with you.

    2. I like that you mix-in narrated videos and non narrated videos. The production value is outstanding. I appreciate someone who obviously takes the same care and attention with everything they do (i.e. video production) as they do with their main craft!

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher/DocSavage45

    Nick, great content and movement through the video. I’m an “outside the box” fan Integrating form and function is something I appreciate in an artistic piece, which you do well. Great news about your Patreon account. I know it takes a lot of effort as the video content and finished product is akin to making the unique pieces you produce, I liked Marc the Wood Whisperer in the WTF moment. LOL! Always wanted to know more in your early videos. Thanks.

  2. I don’t know where the idea that no voiceover was a preferred method originated. It clearly creates inferior videos. Although entertainment is certainly involved, the principal element of any instructional video is communication. Verbal explanations add clarification to the demonstration. Oftentimes, the presenter may not even be aware of elements remaining unclear in a purely optical presentation. Sadly, too many optical presentations include annoying, loud music.

    In any quality teaching environment (And your goal is teaching, is it not?) It is both incumbent and obligatory that the instructor explains his demonstration to enable a thorough understanding. Don’t fall for the popular mistake of eliminating a voiceover. I have grown weary of the litany of how-to videos featuring “an expert” performing an assemblage of confusing tasks. “Amazingly” at the end of the video, we are to be astonished at the end result that this wizard has created. Why don’t we just erect a giant curtain and introduce the Wizard of Oz?

    Although the subject does not really matter, perhaps one of the best examples of high quality videos is a sheet metal guy named, Ron Covell. Check out any of his videos and recognize the value his voiceover provides.

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