How to pick your engagement ring – choose your setting


So you have an idea of your favorite diamond shape, but how are you going to show it off to it’s true advantage?! This decision often gets overlooked, especially by generic jewelers and those in the diamond district, who have readymade settings and just pop your stone into it and squeeze the prongs shut! We know the setting is even more important than the stone. If you want a beautiful ring, you can only accomplish that if you have a gorgeous setting. Settings also allow you to reveal your own personal style. Whether it’s Micropave on the band for extra, elegant, and continuous sparkle, or hidden diamonds on the underside of the diamond, or simply a clean, minimalist band, these decisions are all personal statements of style and character! Our designer Douglas Elliott was the first to do “the Halo” setting the way that we do, a refined and delicate setting – each stone handset under microscope – that acts as a sparkling frame to your center stone. Then you have three stone settings, for which we are award winning for our Art Deco inspired designs, and our intricate, creative takes on vintage influence. Style is in the detail, and we encourage you to really look around and notice what’s out there, because very quickly you will see what we do that’s so different! Things to avoid when shopping for an engagement ring: -Avoid buying online. You must see the stone first and make sure that that shape stone looks good on your hand. -Avoid poor workmanship. Invest in better workmanship! Not only will you have a much more beautiful ring in the end, but you will also not be in the shop all the time getting repairs! -Avoid Micro pave work that contains a lot of metal. You should see all diamonds and no metal! -Avoid purchasing an engagement ring with out trying the ring you love with a wedding band. You will not need to purchase the band immediately, but you need to know how your ring will both look and fit with your future wedding band. Visit us at and let us answer all the questions you might have, and talk you through your setting options!

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  1. My boyfriend has bought me a enjamment ring he went to jewellery shop himself only and I gave him my ring size all I know it is a enjamment ring calling it a friendship ring only in a red box I have never seen it before he is hiding it very well. Just engaged now but I come from a jewellery family but I don’t know what a friendship ring I am just wearing my claddagh ring as my enjamment ring now until the day he puts the ring on my finger

  2. When shopping for my engagement ring, my fiancé at the time was really focused on the diamond and so was I, don’t get me wrong. Negotiating on the stone was totally acceptable but when it came to the setting, I wanted what I wanted. It was a Verragio Semi mount with two 16 point side stones in heavy platinum. It was really expensive because of the thick, sculptural band with no stones on it. I wanted a substantial ring with some design elements on the band but with no stones as to not detract from the center stone and because I find stones on the band a bit too feminine for my taste. Its not a showy ring even with the 1.37 center stone. But I loved the sculptural band which I NEVER have seen since the day we purchased it. It’s been 16 yrs and every year when I go into our jewelry store to get it cleaned and tightened up, while I wait, I always check out all the rings in the cases. And even though, they are all so beautiful, I STILL love my setting more.

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