How to place rubber bands (elastics) on my clear aligners (Invisalign) .com/watch?v=mRVRtoFzjI4

Subscribe to our channel to get more educational information about your orthodontic treatment. In some orthodontic treatment, rubber bands (also referred to as elastics) are used with clear aligners, including the Invisalign brand of appliance. It is often the case when we need to correct the bite from front to back. In this video we explain how to place the rubber bands on your clear aligners correctly. Treatment time and success depends on patient cooperation with these kinds of details! Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. Learn more about services that we provide at

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    1. @PORTH Personalized Orthodontics I have 2 elastics one on the back of my teeth but when I try to do it it snaps immediately idk what’s the problem and yesterday I got them and when I arrived home they fell off and never wore them again because they keep falling off I tried attaching it for an hour but no use keeps on falling. Also I have another on the front it sticks but falls when I sleep

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