How to quit a nose beed #First Help #PowerOfKindness

To deal with a youngster with a nosebleed: Get the kid to squeeze the pulp of their nose Ask them to lean ahead Continue to squeeze the nose for 10 mins Call 999 if the blood loss proceeds for over half a hr Find out much more:


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  1. tbh i used to get bloody noses for 1hr and 45 mins. i never seeked medical advice bc i thought i could handle it. i then starting swallowing blood at it got really bad. just today, i got my nose cauterized, it did hurt, but im happy because ill probably never have to deal with bloody noses again. 🙂

  2. Tailslandian Gardens and Elysian Siemens

    It’s great. Whenever Darren Pipster, one of my friends, has a nosebleed, his nose splatters blood all over the place as it explodes. Disgusting. One time Mike, my bus driver, is on vacation one day, and we had to go on his Bus 515, Darren’s Bus, Zabeth, another driver, was nice to let me handle it as all students onboard her bus were grossed out as I helped him stop the nosebleed with a cloth napkin I got from a fancy restaurant a while back. She told her students not to be alarmed as I, the student from another bus, which is my bus, got the nosebleed under control. And the only time his nosebleed was critical and it exploded everywhere, making the Beyond Van Gogh trip at the Tailslandian Riverside Convention Center more like a crime scene. Luckily, no emergency personnel were called and janitors handled the situation. Also, it was not in the exhibit itself, but only in the lobby portion of the convention center.
    Signed, Angela

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