Huge Mistakes People Make at the Coin Shop – Coin Shop Etiquette 101

In this video I talk to Harry about mistakes people make at the coin shop and poor coin shop etiquette. This coin shop etiquette video will help new silver stackers and coin collectors navigate their local coin shop with ease. We talk about proper handling of coins and what may be inappropriate or off limits in a coin shop. If you are wanting to start purchasing silver or gold at a coin shop and you want some coin shop tips then this is the video for you. Some of the coin shop mistakes that we talk about are ones that even I have committed in the past. I hope that this video will be a helpful tool. The most important thing is getting to know your coin dealer or bullion dealer and becoming friends with them. If you are able to befriend a coin shop owner this can help you get better deals on silver and gold. Feel free to check out the other videos filmed at Harry’s Coin Shop: Harry’s Coin Shop Videos:

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33 thoughts on “Huge Mistakes People Make at the Coin Shop – Coin Shop Etiquette 101”

  1. I greatly appreciate this incredibly enlightening video. Also, People often talk about investing your money in the stock market, especially for those who are new to it, even though it can seem riskier compared to putting your money in a bank where you get a guaranteed interest rate. But things have changed lately. The stock market is a bit unpredictable, and even banks aren’t as reliable as they used to be. I’m planning to save around $5 million for my retirement, and I’ve already saved a good amount, in the hundreds of thousands. Is there any way someone like me, who’s almost 60, can make the most of this situation?

    1. Learning about money and investing can help you become more financially independent. When you understand this stuff, you can make smart choices about how to save, spend, and grow your money. I know someone who made more than $350,000 during this tough economic time, but as far as I know, they did it with the help of a financial advisor.

    2. You’re absolutely right. Many people underestimate how much advisors can help until they make emotional decisions and get burned. I remember a few summers ago, after my long divorce, my business needed a serious boost. So, I did some research and found a licensed advisor who was really careful with their work. They helped me grow my savings a lot, even with inflation. It went from $275,000 to around $850,000 so far.

  2. Don’t even think about selling any extremely valuable coins in Europe. They’re only interested in the cheapest possible ones. Not exactly junk silver but those that look fine but don’t cost much.
    The europeans have stopped collecting as simple as that.

  3. Understanding personal finances and investing will most likely lead to greater financial independence. By being knowledgeable about money and investing, individuals can make informed decisions about how to save, spend, and invest their money. A trader made over $350k in this recession influenced market.!!

    1. Stocks are pretty unstable at the moment, but if you do the right math, you should be just fine. Bloomberg and other finance media have been recording cases of folks gaining over 250k just in a matter of weeks/couple months, so I think there are alot of wealth transfer in this downtime if you know where to look.

    2. The best course of action if you lack market knowledge is to ask a consultant or investing coach for guidance or assistance. Speaking with a consultant helped me stay afloat in the market and grow my portfolio to about 65% since January, even though I know it sounds obvious or generic. I believe that is the most effective way to enter the business at the moment.

    3. My advisor is ROCH DUNGCA-SCHREIBER highly qualified and experienced in the financial market. She has extensive knowledge of portfolio diversity and is considered an expert in the field. I recommend researching her credentials further. She has many years of experience and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the financial market..

  4. I was really surprised about the discussion around not buying or selling with other customers. I’m new to coin collecting, I’m more familiar coming from a collectible card game shop, where it ends up being a gathering place for like-minded enthusiasts, and while you often buy/sell with the shop owner its also extremely common to discuss your collection and buy/sell/trade with others in the shop. I definitely get not trying to undercut the shop owner but the vibe in the video of “you are here to buy from me not the other customers, break that rule and you aren’t welcome here” honestly turned me off from wanting to go into this shop.

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