I burned 1438 calories in 1 hour of karting

How many calories can I burn in an hour of karting? Using an ECG-based heart rate monitor, I tracked my heart rate during an intense qualifying and race session in a rotax go-kart. Using the monitor’s app, we got a shocking calorie burn total… but are these readings even accurate?

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20 thoughts on “I burned 1438 calories in 1 hour of karting”

  1. Well I have once raced on the hardest karting circuit in Europe, that on in Genk being a beginner in rental karting. It was a hot day like 34 degrees and drove in total for like 45 minutes. The amount of body fluid I lost was tremendous and I wore the same clothes back home and it was still wet. I drank after the session like 13 bottles of sprite and some water in between and ate like full pack of frites to get my calories up I lost. I was never that thirsty before. I knew that this sport was a serious deal when you feel way heavier than when you come out of the gym. I would not be surprised if you lose like minimal 1200 calories

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